One of the most important things, when you decide to become a cam model, is to choose a certain style that fits you and works to your advantage. Part of that is choosing your site, the platform that you’ll use to meet your fans and make money. A site that doesn’t match your personality and online presence can bring a lot of harm to your image and won’t allow you to become a successful model.There are many sites to choose from, and that amount can be, understandably daunting. There are a couple, however, which are more popular, and which you can research in order to see if they suit your needs.

LIVE JASMIN. If you’re looking for a site with a diverse set of categories, with clearly delimited free and private chats with clear sets of rules, and which promotes a glamorous style, then Jasmin is definitely the platform you should head towards. You can choose between several categories, both in the adult and non-adult section. The free chat has very strict regulations as to what you can do and not do, which means that you can get to know your members properly before moving on towards more explicit things, in private chat.

The quality of the camera image has to be top notch and the lights in your room have to be perfectly placed, which means that, should you choose this site, you will always stream in HD and will have to look your very best. That, of course, is an excellent thing, as you should have very high standards as a camgirl and always maintain a good image.


Other than private chat, Jasmin also offers the option of a VIP show. With this, you can choose a theme, set a credit goal, and perform for the members who helped you reach that goal. It’s an excellent tool for getting new regulars, and tempting them towards a private chat with you.

What’s also very important to note for Jasmin is that the hours you spend online count. The more hours, and the more hours in private, the more your account will grow, and the more money you will make. As for the money, your percentage grows with every established threshold that you cross in a period, which is very good fuel for your ambition.

ImLive.Perhaps you wish to start off with an easier medium, something more accessible, perhaps you should try ImLive. It has a similar structure with Jasmin: free and private chat, credits that the members purchase in order to pay. It’s important there to post pictures daily, selfies and screenshots, as it grows your profile and puts it higher on the list. The site doesn’t have as strict rules as Jasmin. It is very good to get you used to the ebb and flow of working online in the adult industry, and the platform offers quite a lot of advantages without being overly complicated.

Streamate.Streamate is another excellent private-based platform for cam models. Traffic on it is consistent, and payments are always on time. Like Jasmin, it has a wide variety of categories so you can choose whatever works, although it lacks any non-adult ones.The rules are also a bit less strict than on Jasmin, as a model can be topless even in free chat.

A great advantage of this platform is the different types of private chats it offers. The Premium Chat is a private group chat. One member can initiate it, and any other member can join it. The Exclusive Chat is, as the name implies, completely exclusive and no one can join in. Last but not least, there is the Gold Shows, which are the same as the VIP ones on Jasmin. You set a theme, and a credit goal, and if the goal is reached, the fun can start.

MyFreeCams.MyFreeCams, or MFC, as it is known in the industry, is a very famous platform as well, but with a very different style than the previous three. The online hours matter here as well, however, the camscore, which is what the popularity of your account depends on, is also heavily influenced by how much money you make in that amount of time. The members there pay with tokens, as opposed to credits, although the system is fairly similar.

The biggest difference here is that MFC does not rely on private chat. The site is a bit more inclined towards the porn part of camming, and what you have to do is have a very entertaining free chat.The shows, for the most part, take place in free. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should show everything, however, you have to be quite liberal as opposed to the previous two sites. Private shows are very expensive on MFC, and the feature is not heavily used. Instead, members can pay a number of tokens, and then a “private” will be done via Skype. Of course, that doesn’t mean there won’t be cases where members will want to have a private chat with you on the site, and those should always be cherished as they are quite rare. There are two options there, the Spy one, where you are in a private and others can spy on it (though they can’t interact) and the true private, which is a true one on one.

Chaturbate.Chaturbate is another platform that relies heavily on free chat. Most of the shows are done there, after the wanted number of tokens is reached. Unlike MFC, it is a bit less community-based. It’s very easy to register for it, as you only need a photo of you and your id. It’s a very good site for new girls, as your rating isn’t based on how many hours you spend online, but by the number of members in your room, and, generally speaking, members love to tip newcomers.

Privates can be either with the spy feature enabled, or true one on ones, or you can choose a group private, case in which you can choose the number of members needed to initiate the group.

As you can see, there are many sites that you can choose from. I only gave 5 more popular examples, to help you choose your site when you become a cam model. Don’t forget how important it is to pick an environment that will nurture you and truly boost you towards success.