Camming has become one of the best ways of make money online, especially for young, attractive people. Let’s be honest, not everyone is made for this kind of job. You have to be an extroverted, friendly and fun person on camera. Many people interested in camming, especially the ones who haven’t started yet, often express their concerns about being recognized while on cam. To solve this, the majority of cam sites have measures to solve this problem, by blocking any state in the US or any other country in the world, in need.

Bringing lots of viewers to your chat room is important, but what’s even more important is to make them pay you! Camming can give you huge earnings and a new way of living your life.

Sometimes being a camgirl involves doing things that nobody ever thought were important. That is why the #girlsfromStudio20 and one special gentleman – Ethan Joy, have ganged up and put together a list of the top 14 reasons that will reveal if camming is the perfect option for you.

Eva Devine

– I quit my old job and I feel no regret about my decision. In my opinion, if you’re good at it, camming part time can replace a daily 9-5 grind. Now, my camming income passes up my desk job income.

– The main reason for me is that I can make money in my sleep. Every photoshoot/video I upload for sale increases my potential to create a passive income stream. In other words, because my content is always available(24/24) I make money even while I’m asleep.

Ethan Joy

– I’m working in my underwear right now, you’re not. If you are a white-collar worker, you must envy me sooo much, because hey, I’m having so much fun in my room and all my members are super friendly. #TalkingAbout great life. I am encouraged to work having whatever look I want and it can be seriously fun trying out new outfits on cam.

– In addition to that, it is clear for me that I get paid to be myself. My advice is to be real on cam and you’ll attract fans you can jive with.

Amma Spicy

– I have a naughty little secret. Shhh! I keep it away my close family and friends. They don’t have to see me as I am, only my members get to know the real me but with a fake name. But no worries, you’ll get used to that very fast. The process will begin as soon as you start earning & spending the money.

– I am self-employed, self-managed, and self-motivated. Of course that I always have the girls from our #MarketingTeam by my side, but I do enjoy scheduling my time and daily routine around the things that actually matter in life.

Emma Zoss

– I have the time to pursue my real passions and spend my energy in more meaningful ways. My shift starts at 9.30 PM, so I have the entire day to do all the things that make me happy, like cooking, going to the gym, taking dance lessons, etc. I remember when I was working a full time desk job and always came home too tired to really do any of my hobbies. Time spent with family was non-existent and never really had the time or energy to finish anything. Webcam modeling changed that for me.

– I get to play lots of my favourite rock music in my room – LOL, this sounds funny, right? Oh, you laughed but just so you know, it can really make a difference. I was actually shocked at how well it worked, to be honest. I absolutely love rock music and it turns out that many of the viewers who love to spoil me by giving me tokens love rock songs, too. It turns them on because they grew up listening to these songs during sex and masturbation. Nowadays, if they hear them played, they will begin to get seriously aroused. The more aroused your members, the more likely tips will start to move your way.

Megan Kroft

– I interact with all kinds of different people from around the globe. My members are starting to know me well by now and they saw me as a cute brunette, hot and sexy, with full lips and well contoured boobs. They all want to chat with me and make me compliments, I love to spend time with them and to get to learn about their cultures.

– I’m new in this industry but I received some fine presents from my lovely members. It’s a pro-camming thing, don’t you think?

Madelene Ray

– I’ve gained confidence and self-esteem. No, I wasn’t bullied as a kid, but I have never thought of myself as the most beautiful woman in the world. Until I stepped into this business. My team taught me how to be the best version of myself, how to take care of my body and even how to get all kinds of compliments. Because I was a bit ashamed of some of my features, I admit it. On LiveJasmin, most of the fans treat the models like goddesses. Needles to say that your physical attributes and your personality will be analyzed so they will tip you just for engaging in conversation.

– I’m proud of my new family, #Studio20. I’d like to add something, and after that I won’t bother you anymore. Here, at #Studio20, we have an awesome community of cam models and nice trainers, great managers and #TheCoolKids from #MarketingTeam.

Lenah Love

– Well, for me personally, webcam modeling has been a great line of work, but it is not for everyone and I do want you to make an informed decision if you dream about becoming a camgirl yourself. If you’re the playful type of woman, you must know that our toys are super hot! I’m talking about the whole arsenal of vibra toys, dildos, handcuffs, fetish rings, body chains, lube and the list can go on and on, lol! I like to have my manicure & pedicure nice, to wear heels or glamour outfits, to have bodysuits and fine lengerie + I’m wearing with pride my red lipstick.

– I am always encouraged to keep trying different stuff (no matter how unusual) and to find new methods, in order to get them aroused. And that can really boost my credits!

We hope that those testimonials from the #girlsfromstudio20 will be helpful, still, all the camming blogs & all the chit-chat in the world won’t be enough, until you’ll be able to discover this fascinating industry on your own.