“Why is my traffic so low?” and “Why aren’t those lurkers tipping at all?” are the main questions that most probably ruined your mood on a mid-week shift. Most of the time, you are probably streaming on a graveyard-like timeframe or your members have a work day filled with meetings. But sometimes, the way you look into the camera and the tonality of your voice are to blame for the inexistent traffic and below the sea level sales. Whether you are an experienced cam girl or just a fresh rookie, you most probably fell into the trap of those common camming pitfalls.

There is no official guide on how to be the perfect girl – and surely, there isn’t a magic potion bottled by the sex work industry witches that will give you unlimited luck throghout your cam girl career. But surely there is a definitive list of “don’ts”, aka the faux pas that you should avoid as much as you avoid toxic men. If you want to cherish the freedom, the cash and the sexual liberation that cam modeling can provide you with, bear the following mistakes in mind and stay away from them. Don’t blame yourself if a few of them hit close to home – nobody was born perfect and luckily, we have all the time in the world to learn. 

common camming pitfalls

Nobody likes copycats 

If you are a fresh face in this industry, it is only natural to do a little bit of market research. At the beginning of your camming journey, you lookout for model inspiration by scrolling through the glassy model page on the website you are livestreaming for. However, there is a massive difference between taking inspiration and becoming a reflection of someone else. Novelty always wins in this industry – and frankly, there is no better way to achieve uniqueness rather than being yourself. 

The model that you are trying to imitate saturates a certain niche, which is mainly characterised by her unique features. Set yourself apart from your competition, focus on your strengths and how you can put them in the limelight. This way, you are definitely going to stand out from the rest. Think logically – if you could afford a high-end bag, would you buy a China-fabricated replica? 

When you overpromise and underdeliver… 

Cam girl code of conduct unapologetically states that if you make a promise, you need to go out of your way and strive to keep it. Cheap excuses are for cam girls who don’t desire to outdo themselves, and consequently, don’t want to get filthy rich. Remember your highschool crush, who promised the moon and the stars, but he ended up heading for the hills… leaving you heartbroken? Don’t be that person. Know what you can bring to the table, and do not make empty promises based on what you can’t deliver. 

At the end of the shift, not being able or willing to deliver will damage your reputation. Users are not going to be shy about raising a flag for your future visitors by leaving a bitter review and 1 star rating. If something unavoidable does come up or just need to break away from the grind for a couple of weeks, let your regulars know. 

common camming pitfalls

Continuously beginning for tips

No, this is not a remix of Maneskin’s “Begging”, but one of the most dangerous temptations that are going to test your patience as a cam girl on a slow day. “More tips guys, come on” or “I am not going to dance until you tip” are some of the replies that can come out of your mouth unintentionally, out of normal frustration caused by the multitude of users who just lurk.

 This type of situation is pretty similar to when you are in a club (remember those days? me neither) and someone keeps asking you to buy them a drink. Major turn off alert that is. Even if the users were genuinely interested in you from the beginning, this type of desperate housewife/needy behaviour will make them click the “x” button. Of course, this does not mean that you never ask for tips at all. You do, but sparingly. Being a cam girl is about entertaining, not begging. 

If you relate to these common camming pitfalls …

Don’t take it to the heart. We all do mistakes. Take this as a chance to analyse your behaviour on camera and potential ways to further polish your skills. In order to be a succesful camgirl, you always (and by always, I mean 24/7) need to strive to outdo yourself, day by day. Look at the bright side of it: if you start to avoid those common mistakes, you will deffo spot a difference in your traffic and sales. Rememeber at all times – it is never a mistake, but a lesson that needs to be learnt.