Many of you know me and my story: I am a camgirl, a succesful one. But only a few realise that my life has improved so much since I made peace with my true self and made that decision, to go clean and confess: Yes, I am a camgirl! At the beginning, I thought that no one could ever saw me like that, because my self esteem was at a low level and I wasn’t so proud with my body, nor face.

“Nobody can cure me, I’m damaged from head to toes”

As a child, I was the super duper cute kid, everybody loved me and my family was so proud with my looks and my personality. Growing up, the ugly duck came at the surface and I felt so embarassed. I liked nothing about me. Poor little creature, hating herself so much. I could easily saw what was the main root of my self-hatred. In general cases, this action is usually one thing which that someone would change about themselves if they were given the chance by the creator, It’s something they feel causes their downfalls, whatever goes wrong in their lives it’s because of it. Mostly, they’d not talk about it because they feel people will never understand and they may use it to hurt them. In my case, it was because I was ugly and I felt sick. “Nobody can cure me, I’m damaged from head to toes” – this was my motto and I lived by it every single day. This was as much as I could do.

"Nobody can cure me, I'm damaged from head to toes"

Then, something changed. I got a call from my bestfriend, who told me that she is so happy and that in October she’ll be traveling the world and making money as well. I asked how can she do that (her mom was sick and her father passed away a couple of months ago). So, I imagined she’ll be devasted, still. But my friend, Lisa, told something that left me speechless: after all those struggles, she realised her real strenght and good qualities, whether its physical appearance, personality, intelligence. She concentrated on positive thoughts and positive things such as smiling, laughing, interacting with a lot of positive people and doing what makes her happy. And she also got a new job that amazed her at first, but made her cheerful: she started to work as a webcam model. I never trully realised how this decision about career could change it all and step up your game.

Lisa was a shy woman, pretty but without something to wow! you. Plain and simple, acting silly most of the time, playing with her feelings and chasing after hot boys (and they had run faster, lol). And look at her now, all good, with her nice and expensive clothes, wearing her jewels with pride and with her biiig smile to knock me out my feet. She did enjoyed this brand new ‘Lisa’, and she told me that the main reason she loves herself so much was this job and the way it makes her feel.

Finally, I understood that whatever she hated in the past about herself, someone somewhere lives happily with it. And this was a major inspiration into loving her mind and body, her thoughts and her personality. I told myself that  I could be more like her. And that’s what I did.


I changed my life and became a better version of ME.

I could demonstrate or inform you about other people who suffer or find themselves in different misfortunes life threw them in, yet still manage a smile and live happy life. But then again, what’s the point? They may be inspired at the way a rose strives to grow from concrete. They may understand how fortunate they are. I DID!
I reach out to Lisa and asked her to give me some full details about what camming means. She was so patient with her stubborn friend and made it clear for me: everyone has their own fortunes and misfortunes. Kids in orphanages, the homeless, the abused, the disabled, the disturbed, the rich, the poor. No one asked for anything, it was given, just like that, we have to live with it.

This job is not only a job, it’s the life we choose to live.

I recently remembered that I am a magician. So silly that I forgot that I am the co-creator of my destiny and what a relief to have found the magic pixie dust I used to carry around when I was a beautiful and pure child. Now it’s time to put it to use. The rules for creating a better life for me to live have not changed—I have. Part of me lost confidence and forgot how to make it happen. I quickly recall that it’s important to be YOU. To love yourself and carry on with your head up. In this job I found the imaginative freedom needed. I started with 0 confidence and…just look how remarkable I am now! I observed and understood the world in ways no one else can, I put some goals on my #bucket list and I made lots of money.

I was beautiful and admired, I was loved and spoiled. The princess in me came out and wanted to play, she found love and support in her members, in her new home, #Studio20, in her squad, #GirlsFromStudio20.
Men loved me because who I was on cam and they tipped like crazy when I showed no masks at all. They were my loving family, my dearest ones and part of my better life.

Depression almost killed me, slowly. But I fought back. It’s our defects, our faults that makes us perfect as a human. When I realised there’s nothing wrong with me and started loving my flaws, I was surprised at the disadvantage the defect brought me in the past. Camming is the way to improve and be happy with you, in your glamourous room you live, experience, learn and advance. Don’t you ever let anyone to steal this away from you!

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