It is a field in which we work with emotions, in which we work with beauty and we work with illusions. However, these should be our tools, not our strengths. Many models play a role in the camera, their “live” version is different from everyday life, which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, you have probably realized by now that you will not feel good unless you are the way you are.

Sometimes you will inevitably lose your role, or you will not know how “your character” would respond to certain circumstances. When you give free rein to your personality, things get simpler. You will take things naturally, you will respond as you would normally and most importantly, you will be able to maintain those relationships effortlessly because members will fall in love with you, not your character.

You don’t have to put your life on the tray, but don’t avoid being on the camera as you are in real life. This will make your life easier in the first place. Talk about hobbies and experiences. Are you laughing at a certain type of joke? Do it on the camera. Do you like certain movies and series? Say that. You have certain opinions about things. Don’t be ashamed of them.s

The way you talk

Along with body language, the way you speak matters a lot in a conversation. Always try to end with a question to prolong the conversation. It will give you the feeling that you want to know more and more about what he really is. However, try to mould this tactic to the type of member. In the eyes of some, you might just seem insistent.

Ask for his opinion. Give the member the impression that he is choosing. Play with his mind so he can pull his tongue. For example, choose two outfits in advance. Ask the member which one to choose. It will give him the impression that he is in control and that his opinion is everything to you, even though you actually made the choice.
Make sure you always have a positive vibe. Look excited and be willing to talk. Nobody likes to beg someone to talk.

What does he really want? You will get to know your members in the true sense of the word. Know exactly what they like, how they like it and when they like it. The more information you gather about the member, the easier it will be for you to be everything he ever wanted. The conversation is sometimes even more important than the physical part. Learn to actively listen, to complete the member’s words, to enter his mind and make him think only of you.


Create the habit! You may not realize what power you have over your members. Make them think they should always talk to you. How do you do that? Through repetition. If you really want to achieve success, you need a lot of perseverance. Talk to members in your spare time. Show them what your normal life is like. Send them pictures and show them what you eat, where you drink your coffee, how the traffic is.

Everything must be exactly like in a normal relationship. Think about what you would share daily with your boyfriend, so it should be with the members. You will see that in time they will become so accustomed to talking to you that they will rarely be absent from your room.