What brings a new user to a cam site? What motivates them to spend hundreds of hours (and dollar bills too) to chat with a woman that most probably he won’t see in flesh and bones? What makes them tap on their glassy phone screen to tip you, instead of going on dates or out with friends? Tits and ass are great, but what keeps him on his toes is your charisma, the conversations and the bond you create. Until they don’t anymore and a cam member goes offline forever. 

You might or might not sense when a member is gradually drifting away from you. The way he talks, the amount of time he spends with you, the attention he gives you while you are offline through messages. Any slight change in his behavior can be a red flag ready to threaten your rank and income as a camgirl. The first instinct when this happens will most likely be panic and extreme fright, but don’t be scared – there is more life to it. 

Don’t put your eggs in one basket 

This might not be a secret, but I am going to tell it anyway – don’t focus on one cam member. While he might be a generous tipper who takes privates with you more often that you expected, you should realise that one day he might be gone. Not tomorrow, not in a week, not in a month – but there are chances someday he will go offline forever. 

Just like gambles, you shouldn’t place your bets on one thing. Would you put all your money on one number in a Russian Roulette session? Most probably not. Then why would you do it in your camgirl career? Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean you should give him less attention, but broaden your horizons. Say hi to every user that enters your chatroom and interact with everyone. There is nothing wrong with having options, so don’t feel like you have betrayed someone’s trust. This is how you make business as a camming model. 

cam member

“Would you put all your money on one number in a Russian Roulette session? Most probably not.”

If you love something, let it go 

Yes, having a member leave sucks. Not only for your income, but also for you emotionally. Truth is you are going to miss his presence in your chatroom and your inside jokes. But the wheel of the cam universe keeps turning and new generous regulars are found in new places. New connections are made. New people come forward and ask for the kind of attention your now-gone cam members needed. 

So when you feel him drifting away, either by knowing that he is going on a date or notcing that he spends less and less time online, don’t play the desperate housewife card. Encourage him. Support him. Say that you are happy for him. Is this a horrible business move? It might be, but online relationships are not only about money. Although tokens and tips are at the basis of it, there is so much more than that. 

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A cam member went offline? Keep looking forward 

We all went through heart-breaking breakups, tragic divorces and friends that forsook us. The camming universe is no exception to that, so be prepared to let go of people as easily as you let them in. No matter how amazing you feel next to someone, there is the probability that someday you will have to part ways and say goodbye to those who tipped you the most, who talked to you most and who spent the majority of his time with you. Not because something went wrong, but because you did everything right. 

Your cam model career didn’t start because of that specific member, so naturally, it won’t end when he is leaving. Breathe in the good lessons you learned from your bond with him, exhale the negative feelings that come over you. Keep your head high, life goes on – it always does.