Welcome to the camming world – the utterly tiring, yet brutally successful market where no matter what holiday occurs, you still gotta press the “Go live” button. Basically, there are no camming holidays. Not streaming one day because it’s Hanukkah or the Chinese New Year is like taking a day off because someone, somewhere is taking a mouthful of his red velvet birthday cake. That’s the way the universe works – work can’t always feel like an electrifying party, that is why weekends were invented. But that doesn’t cease the possibility of making sure you have more days in full swing than mind-numbing ones.

Go take a red marker, a calendar with cat images, and be ready to thoughtfully mark the occasions that can make put your tippers in an ultra-generous mood and transform your chatroom into a digital party. As you might already know, the most well-known moneymakers are Halloween and Christmas, but FYI, there are loads of other holidays that worship sexual positivity. From Cake and Cunnilingus Day on April 14 to Steak and Blowjob day on March 14, there is a plethora of themes that can be the salt and pepper of your shows and content. Go capitalize on these national holidays, gurl! 

International Masturbation day – May 28

For those who were looking for an excuse to lock themselves in their bedroom, binge-watch their favourite series and masturbate until her clit screams “No more!”, there you have it. As you might already tell, this annual holiday brings awareness to the vital importance of self-gratification. Let’s be real – nobody knows you turn-ons, turn-offs or can make you cum the way you do. 

Use this opportunity to remind your fans how blowing off some steam can add up to your self-satisfaction and peace of mind. Had a bad day? Masturbate. Lost your job? Masturbate. Did your partner cheat on you? Mas-tur-bate. It’s going to clear your mind off and give you a positivity-filled vibe, sprinkled along the way with “everything is going to be alright” thoughts. Use #InternationalMasturbationMonth as your topic or on social media, redirecting users to your room or to your paid-for content. 

camming holidays

No Panty Day – June 22

If there is something we all love, it is a good alibi to go commando. You got hundreds of days to wear your silky, lacey and crystal-embellished underwear, but you got this one opportunity to transform giving your coochie a little bit of air into an annual celebration. Originally started as an American holiday, No Panty Day provides you with the lucky chance of teasing your already-known members and catch some new pairs of eyes. 

Use social media to your benefit – go wild on Twitter by doing polls and asking your members what lingerie colour you have that day. Surprised is an understatement for the way they are going to feel when the realisation that “no lingerie” was the correct answer is going to hit them. Because Instagram is that nagging mom who told you that your curfew is 10 PM, it isn’t going to be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy to go under the radar of their stringent rules. Do a mock-up skirt flash, by using emojis or stickers to cover anything remotely out of their community guidelines. 

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International Fetish Day – January 15

Yes, we indeed needed another kinky, fetish-related holiday although we also got World BDSM Day, celebrated in July. Because not everybody is into latex, riding crops, rough chains and leather boots, this annual celebration is an umbrella term for any fetish your members might have – be it foot or food-related. The key to Pandora’s box? Encourage the users to explore their sexuality as much as they can, in order to discover some kinks and tricks that will make them happy – with you.

Use social media and your chatroom to display a menu of your fetish specialities. Are they going to choose the entre, main course or dessert – sorry, I meant footjob, SPH or dominance? You speak your colours and let the members choose.

Go spice your life up with some camming holidays

Now that you got some basic knowledge in using international holidays to your benefit as a camgirl, you can go and explore the weird, yet interesting online space of annual holidays (yes, there is a day in which we celebrate the invention of apple pie. What?). There is an array of both sex-positive and non-sexual holidays that you can incorporate into your reportoire for a little more excitement – both yours and your members. Go research, get creative and get started.