The year of COVID pretty much marked the year when sex work came home. As the coronavirus pandemic led to bar closures and an outrageous shortage of jobs, some of us decided to join the camming club. While the stay-at-home orders prevailed a surge in the adult industry’s bank accounts, that doesn’t mean cam girls are immune to this pesky virus. So what are you going to do when you’re supposed to carry through a session of camming with COVID? 

In a utopic universe, you could take a day off from your cam girl hustle anytime you feel under the weather, without feeling troubled by the possibility of those 24 hours affecting your finances. But bills need to be paid in time, your dream car is awaiting and you can’t make that ‘I’m sick, I can’t come in today’ call.

One benefit of camming is that you’re working from the comfort of your bedroom, so you can’t spread – or be the next target – of germs. However, it is not easy peasy lemon squeezy to feel sexy when you’d rather doze off in bed. It is pretty much like having sex without getting in the mood – you do it, but it doesn’t really come off great. 

camming with a flu

Make sure you get take your meds

Whether you choose to power through a cam show or binge Netflix shows under the blankets until you are back to your tip-top condition, keep your medicine around. Besides the classic hot tea with lemon and ginger, make sure you buy some over-the-counter meds for your flu. Talk to your local GP or pharmacist about the best options that you got. Maybe you will be lucky and get some antiviral prescription meds, which not only treat your symptoms, but also shorten the flu. 

Maybe you don’t feel like it, but do your make-up

Watery eyes, puffy face and red nose – this is your raw version if you are down with COVID. Trying not to look sick when you feel like the walking dead is no easy feat, but the right amount of makeup and skincare can work like magic in this type of situation. A few minor adjustments such as keeping your face moisturized and cooling your under-eye area with patches are vital.

Grab your dewy skin foundation, add a little more concealer to your problem areas – hello, dark circles and red spots – and finish off with some loose powder to set everything in. Avoid false eyelashes and anything that isn’t waterproof if you don’t want your eye makeup running all over your face like it is participating in a marathon. 

camming with covid

Even if you’re sick, your content is still up for sale 

Instead of suddenly going MIA from your streaming schedule, keep in touch with your loyal fans via social media, as well as your platform’s messaging system. Let them know you are going to be back soon enough because, in the meantime, they can shower you with offline gifts and tips. If they miss you too much, remind them that you have an OnlyFans or whatever platform similar to it, where they can purchase your steamy content. Getting fans to spend money on you while you recover can ease the financial strain of being offline, and in many cases, gives them the feeling that they are “taking care of you” in your time of need.

You’re camming with COVID, so know when it’s time to tap out 

Being offline might take a toll and your finances, but don’t imagine that you are going to shift from making a few hundred dollars to making none. Don’t push yourself in doing anything you don’t have the energy for. Take some time to pamper yourself and do all the things that will improve both your mood and your health.

That might mean taking breaks between private shows or declining to fulfil more strenuous types of requests. If you’re feeling particularly crummy and all the scented candles and cold remedies in the world won’t help, it’s best to sign off and get some rest. Sure, you won’t be making money, but pushing your body too far could lead to taking even longer to recover.