As much of the world remains in isolation and uncertainty as the Omicron COVID variant is making waves outside Africa’s frontiers, most of the camming platforms have witnessed a spike in traffic. Although this digital-era peep show aka the camming business has been here for longer than we can remember, it seems like it is only reaching its climax now. That comes as no surprise, especially since measured that the top live streaming platforms get up to 30 million visitors per month. What a time to be alive and increase your earnings with camming contests, huh? 

Even though camming contests are perceived as a unique opportunity to earn top-dollar sums, it is also a lucrative means to gain more visibility. They can range from placement bonuses to holiday celebrations, fun themes and so on. Most of them reward performers for simply being on top of things, others are more specific when it comes to their requirements and therefore demand more energy, offline work and espressos. Either way, some extra income is always well-welcomed, isn’t it? 

camming contests

Camming contests are your go-to religion

The concept of contests within the camming industry has created a money-making opportunity in a pornography business eroded by the distribution of free sexual content on the vast Internet. A handful of live streaming websites run contests once a month or more, so always keep an eye on them – any upcoming contests should be published on the website’s info page. Read them, read them again, memorise the requirements and bookmark the page. If the contest has specific requirements, make sure you thick all of its boxes. You are going to be online anyway, so why leave the extra money you can earn via a contest on the table? 

Bear in mind that the competition is doomed to be fierce af. Camming platforms are usually a perfectly competitive market, so try to find your unique selling point and use it with every chance you get. In a general economic sense, if your primary sales proposition is your dildo insertion ability (which everyone on the website probably does), you are going to exist in a state of fierce competition on any site. 

Make your members feel rewarded

One of the many tools you can use to make transform the upcoming contest into a roaring success is to make a call towards your loyal member base. Most probably you have long surpassed the “Hi, how was your day?” time of interaction with them, therefore you can rely on them as the friend who helps you cheat on your Maths exam. A little extra attention goes a long way, so craft personal messages to your loyal fans or recent viewers to tell them about the contest. Encourage them to come by your room and check out your lingerie colour. 

camming contests

Say “hello” to social media 

Your social media following might want to help you win the contest, but they can’t necessarily to that if they are not aware of your participation in it. Unlock your phone and scroll to down to Twitter, Instagram and whatever other social platforms you use – we hope that the dust hasn’t settled down on your feeds… for your own good. Get the word account, let your social media fans know that you are a competitive individual, and nothing else would make you happier than winning the contest. If you have 5000 followers, most likely 1000 will see your posts and 200 will actually click the link on your bio. Even if only one user decides to create an account and help you out with the contest, it still means something. As mentioned above, since the camming battlefield is pretty competitive, there are models who win huge bonuses by the smallest of margins, so recruiting one or two extra members might be your one-way ticket to winning and cashing in that contest.