Cosplaying done right is a creative, fun and exciting way of showing love for a fictional character that you’ve seen in comics, movies or anime. If you are new to this, or if it’s the first time that a member from you room has mentioned this, you might want to take a look at how things are done in order to know what to do and how to do it right.

Get to know what your members want

If you’ve heard of this term, “cosplay“, in your room and it peaked your interest, talk with the members that mentioned it and get to know their interests, what they want to see and why they are attracted to that. This helps you get a deeper connection with your members at first and it also helps you understand what’s hiding underneath that character that they love. This way you won’t only be dressed like the character they like, but you will also be able to mimic what the character is doing in the show they love, and even throw in one or two lines.

Take the character’s outfit and make it sexy

You’re a camgirl, so it’s your job to make your members horny and to fantasize about you, so even with cosplay, you have to make that character your own, and make it sexy, like you. Search for outfits, adjust them, make them fit you perfectly and also, be able to move around and tease while you’re at it. There’s a lot of characters that are sexy in anime and comics, and if you do your research well on the topic, you will see that there are a lot of non sexual characters that have been sexualized by fans. That’s where you come in, and you fulfill their fantasy when they see you dressed like that in front of your cam.

Lots of research, lots of money

As I said in the previous points, you have to do your research when it comes to cosplay in order to fulfil your customer’s fantasy in the best way possible. And when you do that, you will also be the one who reaps the rewards, their hard “earned” credits because they have that live “character” that they so deeply love in front of them doing what they want and saying what they need to hear in order to be satisfied. The most crucial point of cosplay is research, and the more you do, the better it will be for you, because you can use the lines the character does in order to entice your members, and it shows that you’ve made an effort to not only fulfil their needs and wants, but also made an effort that’s for them, so it brings him closer to you in the future.

Start small and perfect yourself with time

Everybody starts small when it comes to cosplay, and sure enough, nobody is born with the artistic skill it takes to create all these beautiful costumes we see in comics. You might fail at first and probably it will not look that pristine if you do it yourself, and it’s no problem, we learn through failure. The more we fail, the faster we become the cosplay masters that deliver all of the fantasies our members have. Cosplay is about having fun, and when you’re a camgirl you already know all about that.

That’s it, you’ve got the basics now! All you have to do is put all this information in motion and I know you will make your members and your bank account happy in no time. Go ahead and talk to that member that brought you to this article, because he will be glad that you’re mentioning it and that you take the initiative to make him happy.