Please curtsy for Her Majesty the Queen of glam: Demi Cruz! She is the only and only model that really nailed down the glam aspect of it all. You will fall royally hard for her. And don’t you forget! But you have to be ready for her majesty! She will see you in her room and you will have to behave like a good boy!

How can you win her over? Well, she might seem cold and distant but she is actually a caring, sweet woman with great humour, an infectious laugh and the most charming smile you’ve ever seen. Trust that it will be worth it to see that part of her unfold before you. It will be magical! Just break the ice and get her attention and the rest will follow! Don’t be afraid to follow your heart!

No matter how you look at her, Demi will surprise you in the most wonderful of ways. She will enchant you and make you forget about everything else. It’s true what they say that it is indeed all in the eyes. That’s where the passion starts. But with Demi, it’s not only about passion. Sure she is very confident and feels sexy in her own skin. Still, Demi is more than that.

If you feel down, like you’ve got no one, then remember you’ve got her and she will listen to you and be there for you when you most need it. She will be your best friend and lover all in one. How can you pass up such a girl?

Get talking with the queen of glam


As soon as you visit her room you will fall for her. You can’t help it. And then what? Well after some 1 on 1 time together you can keep in touch of course. Find her on social media making content and having fun. See what she is up to when she is not online and be the first one to know when she will be in her room again. So you can have her all for yourself!