Let’s face it: There has always been stigma when we talked about any kind of sex work. From the girl that works the corner to the webcam model that seduces it’s member through privates and party chats, society has labeled women who use their body in a sexual manner to make money as immoral, indecent and disgraceful.

But things are changing, the society is evolving and what was taboo and unspoken about 10 years ago is now becoming more of a normal thing. With the rise of content platforms, the creation of new and better Camgirl Studios and streaming platforms, sex work has become more accepted in the communities all around the world.

But where did all the stigma come from in the first place? People often have grown up in families that perpetuated all these negative assumptions about camming. In most cases, the society wants us to believe that people that work in this industry are bad people, uneducated, naive or consuming illegal substances, and the reality can’t be further from these allegations.

Camming is a business that people who never entered a real studio can hardly understand. But people working in this profession have support teams, marketing teams, shifts and deadlines like you would have in any other profession. They also pay taxes on the income they make, but people are much less interested in these aspects and are quick to judge because of the high income the performers receive for their hard work.

In the latest years we have a lot of content creating platforms, like OnlyFans, Fansly, ManyVids and so on, platforms that have made some people more than just money. Some people have become actors after they made these accounts and have reached success, some have had tv appearances and interviews written about their success stories.

We have content creators that make more than $100.000 a month from platforms like these, and it’s not just for the videos without clothing or selfies where you can see a woman’s cherries, it’s because of the high demand that this market has. And why you ask? Because it’s safer, you can do it from the comfort of your home, you can fantasize and you can fulfil all of your kinky thoughts with the help of a stranger from the other part of the internet.
Some celebrities have also created accounts on these platforms and they have millions of fans, and the stigma? That doesn’t pay the bills honey, and money always talks louder than anything else.


The demand for this line of work justifies getting into this kind of business, because yes, you need to work hard, you need to be consistent and you need to be dedicated to your craft, but at the end of the day you are fulfilled that you bought the house you always wanted, you started the business you’ve dreamed about and you live a financially independent life, something that people who stigmatize this line of work mostly just dream about.