Normality or Taboo?

Fantasies play a significant role in sexuality, serving as a source of pleasure, excitement, and intimacy. However, discussing fantasies with your partner can sometimes feel “taboo”. Yet, open communication about fantasies can strengthen trust, deepen intimacy, and enhance sexual connection.

Today, I have OdetteBensen here with me and we will explore together the importance of discussing fantasies with your partner, we will share some fantasies with you and how we managed to understand them.


Let me introduce Odette first, she’s one of our friends and we are happy to have her with us today. She’s a camgirl and for this article, I think that I couldn’t call a better friend than her to have this “girly talk” with.

Before diving into how to talk about fantasies with your partner, it’s essential to understand what fantasies are and why they matter. Fantasies are mental images, scenarios, or desires that bring sexual arousal or excitement. They can range from romantic to taboo, and also exotic. Fantasies are a natural and healthy part of sexuality, serving as a way to explore desires, experiment with new ideas, and express creativity.

The main reason to explore your fantasies is to keep your relationship in a healthy state. Sharing them will definitely increase understanding allowing partners to gain insight into each other’s desires, preferences, and boundaries, leading to better communication and connection.

Spicing up your sex life with desires will keep the spark alive in your relationship, also understanding and fulfilling each other’s fantasies can lead to greater sexual satisfaction and fulfillment for both partners.

Diving into Experiences

-Odette, it’s a pleasure to have you here! Can you tell us a few words about you?

A: Sure! Thank you for having me here! First of all, I want to say that I’m happy to know that we can talk freely about this subject that for most of us was “forbidden” for a long time. I’m happy that day by day, we become more open-minded. I’m OdetteBensen, and I work as a cam model for 2 years already. A few words that describe me are: ambitious, curious, playful, and yes, open-minded.

-I would like to know if there’s a connection between your job as a camgirl and the way you’re thinking now about fantasies. Can you talk about it?

A: Oh, it is, no doubt. I have to admit that my job in the camming industry helped me a lot to discover my sexuality, to accept it, and to explore it. I understood that humans need this side to be discovered, that this instinct and this craving for pleasure truly exist in us.

I remember the guy that I was dating before becoming a model, and thinking now about our sexual life back then, I assume that unexplored sexuality can affect the whole relationship. Imagine that I was thinking that sex is boring, haha, she started to laugh after saying it.


Tips & Tricks with Odette

-Do you have any tips & tricks for better communication with your partner about fantasies?

A: From my experience, of course. Sharing my fantasies first, helped my partner to understand that it’s fine to talk about them, it’s totally fine to have them, and also to embrace them as a part of yourself.

As long as I have a fishnet fetish, I was surprised to find out that my partner has it too, but he was kinda ashamed to tell me about it or to request it. So when I told him, he admitted that he feels the same so we started to explore it together, mixing it with other fantasies as well.

Another good tip: always be open-minded and realize that even if his fantasies are different from your own, they’re personal and subjective, and what excites one person, may not appeal to another.


For this part, I will talk a bit about Foot Fetish which is not “my thing” at all, but I also met a guy who had it and he felt safe to tell me about it. I realized that was the moment to give him my full attention and listen to what he had to say about it. Validation is another important factor in the process of opening yourself to your partner.

I also tried this fantasy with him, I confirmed that I’m not a big fan, but also made me realize that is not as bad as I thought would be.

What I appreciated the most, was that my partner respected my boundaries, he accepted my limits and comfort level and he showed me that he understands as well.

-But aren’t almost the same thing the fishnet fetish and foot fetish?

A: You might think this, but no, not at all. It’s a big difference between these two, they’re spotting different objects and for sure other senses.

Fantasies Explained

  • Fishnet Fetish refers to a sexual attraction or preference for fishnet clothing or lingerie, typically stockings or body stockings. This fetish can manifest in various ways, like seeing your partner wearing them, or even just the feeling of touching them. Fishnet stockings are often associated with eroticism and sensuality due to their revealing nature and the way they accentuate the curves of the body. The pattern of the fabric can evoke feelings of excitement, intrigue, and arousal.
  • A foot fetish, also known as podophilia, is a sexual attraction or preference for feet. Individuals with a foot fetish may find feet to be highly arousing and may experience sexual excitement, pleasure, or satisfaction from various aspects of feet, such as their appearance, smell, touch, or even the act of touching, massaging, licking, or kissing feet. Foot fetishes can vary in intensity and focus, with some individuals being primarily attracted to specific features of the feet, such as toes, arches, or soles, while others may have a more general attraction to feet in general.

While both foot fetishism and fishnet fetishism involve sexual attraction or preference for specific objects or stimuli, they differ in terms of the objects of desire (feet vs. fishnet clothing) and the associated aspects that elicit sexual arousal or satisfaction.

By employing these strategies with patience, empathy, and understanding, you can create an environment where your partner feels safe and supported in sharing their deepest desires and fantasies with you. Remember that building trust and intimacy takes time and effort, but the rewards of a more open and fulfilling sexual connection are well worth it.

This was our girly talk for today, and if you want to know more about fantasies or share your fantasies with OdetteBensen, you can find her online on Stripchat and Flirt4Free.