We all miss visiting DVD shops to purchase porn CDs, so we can finally jerk off after a month of being single. But most of the time we don’t. Long before PornHub’s music intro was known by everyone and the word camgirls didn’t exist, we used to rely on the old, traditional way.  

With pirated and amateur pornography widely available online, we can be honest enough to say that porn has lost its forbidden fruit status long ago. Naturally, by shifting from hard-to-achieve to being at everyone’s fingertips, the porn industry stopped providing a steady income for those who played a role in it. Little did we know back then that this was not only going to create an undoubtedly successful branch of the industry – camming – but it will also reshape the way individuals wanted to consume content.  


Camgirls turned the porn world around… and ours too

The equivalent of an online strip show, camming typically involves the performer setting tipping goals and the more people tip by pledging tokens and credits, the more happens on screen. You could say that this type of livestreaming is pretty much porn – but it is far from it. Camming represents a huge step away from how modern porn has operated for years. Virtual sex—whether it be in a VR headset or a live cam chat room —has accelerated at breakneck speed away from DVD sales and video downloads.

When you live chat with a cam girl, you embark on an experience unique to one moment in time based on one-to-one interaction – the kind of synergy everyone’s thirsty for but couldn’t find.  Camming has the one-of-a-kind ability to show you how raw live sex is: chaotic, giddy, mundane. Something that you can’t find in the regular porn that altered your perception about sex back when you were a teenager. Guys who nut in 30 minutes and girls who have 5 orgasms in 10 minutes are just not happening in real life.

Money, power and the feeling of authenticity

That’s one of the reasons why people cured from porn sites. They showcase anything but authentic content, leaving us craving for originality. We’re in 2021 – nobody wants big, staged scenes with averagely-written scripts anymore, they want something that feels like getting a glimpse into the real sex life.  

But not everything is about sex in this industry – there is a big part of interplay too. When it comes to camming, there is some sort of longevity in place, with members coming to the same chat room daily for years. They are not interested about the show side of this hustle, but about sharing their biggest concerns, disappointments and happy moments with someone.  Each of the clickable chat rooms displayed on the glassy screen represents a place where they can let the guard and walls down to be the rawest version of themselves. No fear of rejection, comfort, compassion, sympathy – that’s what the one-way mirror called porn is never going to be.  


More than just a Wi-Fi connection

What makes camming the most personal way adult content can be delivered is perhaps the sense that the person you’re watching doesn’t do it as a profession, but for the love of the act. There is a love triangle – the attention of one person, their bedroom, and you. Well, there are multiple people in the chat room watching the performer. Yet, paradoxically, it feels more personal than one can imagine.  

This type of adult hustle mostly focuses on an approachable girlfriend or girl-next-door experience, which makes the chat room environment even more welcoming. And when I say welcoming, I mean open to everything. Sex acceptance, insecurities, mental health – you can pretty much say that chatting with a cam girl is like some weird sort of therapy. Most members do not have a stable social circle, so they rely on girls who livestream as a job.

There are a lot of lonely folks out there, so what makes camming so successful is that performers are always there to offer them acceptance, validation and a shoulder to cry on. You might argue that those are paid-for connections. But, despite that, they are the most valuable ones.  

At the basis of this irrefutable success there is a human basic thing – the desire to have a true closeness with another person. We constantly want to be entertained, and we want it to be personal, we want to have a connection. This fantasyland that’s far more interesting and exciting than the human flesh world is not about sex. It’s about making you feel less alone.