You ready to start camming but you don’t know where to do it? You don’t have inspiration on how to set up your room and you need that extra bit of creativity? Maybe some design tips? Say no more, and welcome, this is the article that answers all of your question about design and how to set up the perfect room for camming!

Have you ever seen those perfect rooms where you’re drawn in by the model and she looks so good with everything that’s in the camera’s frame? They look so put together, so beautifully arranged and decorated that they catch your eye at first glance. Well, there’s a reason for it. They follow some basic guidelines that I’ll present in this article, along with some tips and tricks to have your room look perfect!

First and foremost, you need a dedicated camming space.

Could be a spare room that you have in your house or even your bedroom. The most important thing is that this space is a place where you feel comfortable, where you can move around and be confident in front of the camera.

In this room you’ll preferably have a bed or a cozy sofa with some plush blankets so you can be comfortable in order to last those hours of camming. A bed is the best option as you can do a lot of positions on it without any difficulty, but if you don’t have it, the sofa works just fine.

Lighting – Why you need it and how much it impacts your work

In the camming industry people are attracted first by seeing you, and lighting plays a vital role on how good you look on cam. Direct sunlight is good as long as it’s consistent in the room you stay in and you have big windows. Most of the time dedicated lights are the go-to option.

I recommend investing in some high quality lights that can make you shine bright in front of the camera so that people can see you properly. Good lighting will showcase your best features, so positioning them in a way that makes you look good is essential. Bad lighting on the other hand will ruin your look even if you look perfect in person.

Pro Tip – Some light is better than no light, so at first a webcam ring light can do the trick for you.

Clutter – Keep it out of your camming space

Something that’s essential to a good camming space is getting rid of clutter. You’re the one that fulfils peoples fantasies, and no one, EVER, had a fantasy with a cluttered room. Keep things organised in boxes if you don’t have a dedicated space and have the room neat and tidy all the time.

Use cable organizers for everything because they shouldn’t be seen on cam and make sure they are out of your way. Tripping over loose cables isn’t something that you want to be seen on cam. Not to mention you could get injured pretty bad and even damage your equipment if you are not careful enough.

Pro Tip – Keep personal belongings out of sight. Your private life is private, and you wouldn’t want to have pictures of your family show up and grab the attention of your members more than you do. It’s also for your safety too.

Create a story with the items in your room.

Decorations don’t have to be useless for you, and if you find things that look good and are also useful, you got the right combo.
Create a story with what you have in your room. This can definitely catch the attention of your audience. You can change things up once in a while so that people don’t get bored of the same old props and same old decorations. Invest a percentage of what you make in order to create more quality content. It’s a must in this industry.

Different colors can make a huge impact!

You are the star in the room, and you don’t want that to be outshined by bright colors on the walls or decorations. Keep the walls a neutral color, you can use removable wallpaper as it’s easy to install or remove, and add a small pop of color with pillows, curtains and even carpet.

Play with your color scheme and see what works best for you. You need a good color scheme that can attract people in your room. From there on it’s only you who can make them stay.

It doesn’t matter how good your equipment, your mood and your energy is if you’re not camming in a good space. Follow these guidelines and you should be fine in the long run.

You’re all set now, your room is ready, so let’s make some money!