Instagram is one of the best promoting platforms for a cam model. A peak into your personal life will definetly make your followers want to see more.

But how do you make your account visible? How can you attract members to follow your camming activity? Nowadays Instagram’s algorythm has changed, and it’s more difficult, so you must use some tricks to improve your account.

1. Use Reels

Reels is maybe the most important feature on Instagram today. As the people are getting bored of a picture feed and are moving towards a video based content, the platform kind of integrated Reels for that scrolling experience that TikTok provides.

In other words, for your content to go viral, it has to follow the TikTok trends, aesthetics and music.


It’s really easy to use, and if it makes it easier for you, you can always record them on TikTok, let the app syncronize it for you, then post it so you can save it (it’s the only way to save a video, you can always post it on private and keep it just for your instagram). Make sure you use a lot of hashtags and a nice caption (make it short and funny), this is how your video will get visibility,

2. A story a day gets the member to pay

Keep them updated! This is the top rule in using this app to promote your camming activity.

Involve them in your life through stories by using all the features Instagram gives you. This will make your stories stand out. Find nice gifs, songs and captions to go with your story.

Engaging stories are the best way to grow your number of followers. Ask them to pick your outfit for today or your make up, because people always love giving an opinion.

3. It’s all women supporting women, really

Follow other models, make outreach and your account will be seen. This exchange of followers will help both parts. Don’t forget the fact that who likes you, will like you no matter what, so supporting other women is a good strategy, we must support each other and grow together, as a female community ❤️

Finally, there is no better way to grow your accounts than being active, being present and with a positive attitude.Don’t forget the fact that positive vibes attract people around you.