How to strip …

… out of your shyness 

Did something good ever come out of the comfort zone? If you reflected on the question just to come up with a negative response, you probably got your answer. 

Making a living on cam may seem like an easy gig, but there’s more than dressing to impress and looking like a Barbie doll, freshly taken out of her box. 

Buckle up because we have some binding advice for your camming persona to drop any trace of shyness. 

We’re here to teach you how to strip out of your shyness

Analyze yourself in the mirror 

To stop being shy, a first step would be to work on improving your self-confidence. One reason why you might display shyness and hesitation on camera is that you are unsure of your moves, facial expressions, and gestures. In this case, the mirror can be your biggest praiser, yet your harshest critic – but it’s all constructive criticism. 

Practicing is the key to success – so try and embed this routine in your daily schedule. Play your favorite playlist, wear your go-to outfit… damn, light up lavender-scented candles if you want – everything that will get you in your mood. There is no lie in the fact that it might feel a little awkward and cringe in the beginning. But do it for a few days straight and you will notice how the initial weird feeling will transform into a full-on femme fatale vibe.

Open yourself up when it comes to socializing

I mean both on camera on off-camera. Timid smiles and a simple “Hi, how are you?” won’t sell – ever. But telling stories by having above-average communication skills does. If you won’t maintain a conversational tone, how are your members going to know how much you appreciate them or how your day went? To kill is at a cam girl, you have to own the talking game like a puppet master. 

Don’t worry if you won’t ace it from the very beginning – it takes time. But you have to start somewhere – take every going out or online session as a chance to improve yourself from this point of view. One magic tip that might work wonders if you have a rich imagination is to think that you are talking to your best friend – who are you going to be most comfortable if not your bestie? No fear of bullying! 

Perceive your online persona as someone you can build from zero

Ever told yourself that you want to start your life from scratch? Well, this is your chance. Your real and online self are practically the same person, but that doesn’t mean that you can have only one personality. 

Imagine this – you can make your online persona everything you wanted to be, but somehow didn’t manage to. And shall I mention the plethora of benefits that follow when you are out-going, always willing to be a storyteller and the go-to persona for some solid humor? I think they are pretty obvious. 

If you want to earn outrageously high money sums from your webcam model career, you should note that the secret ingredient for the success recipe is a sociable personality. And if you have that ace up your sleeve, the only limit is the sky – and sometimes, not even that one.