It’s not the size that matters, but what you know how to do with it! Let’s get rid of this myth that is found among men “that size matters”, maybe only for those who can only offer that. We tell you, the size of the brain matters most to a man, not what’s in his pants. A smart, cultured, learned, polite, respectful, honest and faithful man is 1000 times more appreciated than a man with a big penis. The woman will first notice all these things and then your micropenis in your pants which will not unbalance your relationship situation. There are many women who prefer a small and playful penis despite a large and numb one. So don’t worry, “As much as the puddle, so much fish!”. We all feel pressure before sexual intercourse and we imagine scenarios in which our partner may not be satisfied with the size of the penis, but most of the time the mental projections do not match reality. In male culture, there are some stereotypes related to totally unrealistic sexual performances that make you feel anxious when it comes to the first sexual contact with a woman.

We talk about the micropenis with Edith Oliviere

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Today we will talk to the wonderful Edith Oliviere who will share tips and tricks about men who have a micropenis. Follow this article and draw conclusions at the end to see what a woman thinks about this aspect!

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Edith: Hi guys, I know a lot of men who have a micropenis and I want to help you overcome the prejudices you have about this. In a relationship, the size of the penis is just one of many variables that you have to take into account and a good sex game does not mean a big penis. I met men who had micropenis, but the most important thing was their approach related to this aspect. I can say that some of my best sex parties were with a man like this. He was very relaxed and told me exactly after a long foreplay in which I had many orgasms, so he had no more money! He had become an expert in satisfying women and knew how to give me the attention needed to make me feel like a queen in bed.

I have a community of men with micropenis who visit my website regularly

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Over time, I have gathered men who visit me frequently and know that they can receive the best advice from me every day. I like them a lot because they compensated in many aspects of life and became men who know how to behave with a woman. I have seen many times that men with big penises tend to be narcissistic and most of the time they don’t think about women at all. They have the impression that their big penis should turn any woman on her back and that’s all they have to be satisfied with. I will list some tips to help you understand a woman’s point of view regarding the micropenis and what you can do about it.

  • Your micropenis size doesn’t matter!

The most important thing in a relationship is communication and honesty. We know that it is difficult to approach this conversation related to your penis and its size, but postponing the moment is not a solution. Topics related to sex should start before the game itself. You have to ask your partner how she prefers a sex match, what she likes, and what she wants to experience, to be able to gather as much information as possible to know what you can offer her best. There are many things in a sex game that have nothing to do with your penis. The woman must first of all feel relaxed in your company, if you start to become agitated that the size of your penis will be judged by her, you will also agitate her without knowing the exact reason. You know that saying: If you don’t think it’s a problem, it’s not a problem! Follow this thought and don’t project that your small size is a problem, you will see how much the sexual dynamics of you and your partner will change.

  • Let some time pass before opening the subject
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Do not rush to open this topic at first, it may seem that you have a trauma related to your micropenis. It is strange to approach a discussion from the first days of your relationship. Our advice is to let the relationship grow a little, to create emotional bonds between you and then just before the moment of sex to open the subject, or even after the sexual act.

  • Discover alternatives or sexual techniques

There are many alternatives for penetration with the actual penis. There are many techniques how you can give your partner a prelude from which she can have an orgasm. If your partner manages to reach an orgasm several times during foreplay, penetration with your micropenis almost doesn’t matter anymore. She will feel indebted to you, so it will be much easier for her to get over the moment when you open the subject.

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  • Sex is not just about penetration
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Statistically speaking, the rarest orgasm in women comes from penetration. Therefore, the size of your penis does not matter. There are many other things you can do with your partner so that she reaches an orgasm. Stimulating the G-Spot with the hand, vibrators, sex toys, oral sex and many others. Learn not to limit yourself to the actual penetration because most women don’t put too much emphasis on it. There are also cases when some women are more strongly stimulated by actual penetration, but there is a solution for that as well. Try positions from which the penetration is deeper or insert a finger and stimulate the G-Spot and why not try a penis extender. The more open you are and expand your horizons of perception related to sex, the more chances you have to become a guru in bed.

See the bright side of things

Be happy that you have this opportunity and work with yourself on all other plans to become a better version of yourself. I repeat women do not emphasize this and prefer a confident, respectful, ambitious, communicative, sincere, and faithful man. If you manage to compensate for these things in life, you will have a lot of women knocking on your door. If you are healthy and optimistic, you will have the best sex with your partner if you follow the above tips. Thank you very much for the invitation to LiveCamsNews and it was a great pleasure to talk about this topic.
It’s not the size of the boat that matters, it’s the motion of the Ocean! Lol