For months (maybe even years if you are super picky) you’ve been whining about how shitty it is to be single and how much you long for a healthy, loving relationship. Since you’ve landed on this article, you probably got over that phase and have a boyfriend – a tricky situation that raises the rapid-fire question: “How am I going to handle both of them?”, and the old but still gold ” How to tell the boyfriend I am a cam girl”?


I am not going to lie – being a cam girl by day and someone else’s significant other by night is no piece of cake, but it’s not impossible either. Your amorous relationship is far more than a conventional one due to the nature of your job, but this shouldn’t be considered a fearful disadvantage. It is a chance to bond deeper than any other average couple. 


The bottom line is that  I can’t write racy emails to your partners, explaining to them that camming is just another 8-hour job and how they might spend their summers in Ibiza if they treasure you. But I can give you some tips and tricks on how to navigate the mined territory of relationships while being a cam girl. Here is how to juggle between camming and loving. 

First step – tell him head-on


Of course, not from the first date or the first month, but there will come a time when your schedule and mental health won’t allow you to hide your online persona from him anymore. Telling your boyfriend that you make a fuckton of money from chatting with men from all around the world is the main reason why your partner will have a love-hate relationship with your hustle.


There is no right or wrong way to tell him, as long as you are straightforward and put everything in balance; tell him about both the ups and downs of the job. Expect him to be a little bit taken aback – although the camming industry is coming into the mainstream, there is still stigma around it. 


If he doesn’t want to understand your point of view and disrespects your job, leave him in the dust. People who really care about you and love you for the way you are will always try and find a way to get you. A person that has strong feelings won’t ever let you work at a place that you are hating, earning probably less than half of how much you would make at another job. 


All you need is balance 


Keeping up with your online persona, keeping her relevant on the site that you are camming and building a powerful presence online make you feel like there should be more than 24 hours in a day. Realistically speaking, camming is like any other job when it comes to working hours. You still work 9 hours per day and have the weekend for yourself – which, at the end of the day, allows you to keep your work and private life separate. Don’t you worry, you still have free time.


In your pursuit of gold and glory, you can still invest your time, feelings and emotions into a man who is worthy of it. If everyone else who is working on the same schedule as you can walk the dog every morning, keep up with their social life and binge-watch a whole series season in 24 hours, there are 100% chances that you can do it too. 

Caution – red flags ahead!


Although you might have done everything by the book, there are still chances that your relationship won’t work. Telling your significant other about your alter-ego is pretty much like a gamble; you never know what’s going to come out of it. One essential thing – do not try to force anything because a) it’s fucked up and b) that is never going to be a healthy relationship. 


Nothing is going to change the fact that you and your boyfriend have totally opposite core values. This realization can make you come down to Earth with a bang (a painful one if you had time to madly fall in love with him too). Never worry about that, because there are always better things ahead.


Knowing how to juggle between camming and loving is not an easy job. Remember to always put yourself in the first place. Not only because that is the place that you deserve, but imagine working the same job you hate, with no savings in your bank account and no hopes to travel the whole world someday. Yuck, isn’t it?