You’re probably a cam girl, or you want to become one. Either way, you want to tell your parents about it. And we get it, it’s not an easy job. It’s reasonable to be afraid of the outcome and to even want to dodge the answer to their burning questions about where or what you work. But it’s better to be upfront about it. You’ll have only to gain.

Still, how do you go about telling them? Yes, camming can be a tricky subject to talk about but it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why we’re here to help and tell you just how to tell your parents the news.

Be calm and explain exactly what your job is

Don’t just go and tell them what you do without further explanation. Prepare yourself beforehand, gather all the useful info you can and show them exactly what you do and what it means to be a cam girl. Keep a calm demeanor and have patience. It will take a bit but they will understand and they may even have questions.

tell your parents
Be calm, smile and give them the essential details they need to know
Show them your long term plans

Naturally, anyone not familiar enough with camming will think this is a phase, that you’re only doing this as a spur of the moment. But if you show them that you decided to be a cam model because you have a plan for your future they will understand your reasoning and will support you to achieve your dream. Maybe you want to buy your own house, and you cam towards that goal. That’s great, talk about that.

Show more than you tell

Whenever you bring up a controversial subject it’s best to also back yourself up with some examples that could strengthen. Show your parents more successful models, so they can see who you can become like. Show them real figures models can and do earn so they can see it’s a real business, with real chances of making it big.

In short, give your parents some peace of mind and understanding of your job. It might be hard at first, and they might struggle, but all the same, they might find it easier to support and accept your choices if they know about them. Still, remember to never give them your nickname or the site you are working on. We are sure you don’t want to see them lurking around. If they are curious you can show them another online model so they can grasp what it looks like when you’re online.