You’ve seen Instagram everywhere and everyone is using it. Businesses, influencers, you name it. So what is it that draws people to it and how do you use it right? Well, you’re in luck because this article is perfect for the starting camgirl or for anyone looking for Instagram tips on how to use the app and create good content on it. 

Instagram has risen to be one of the most important apps nowadays. With its pink, orange, and purple logo you recognize it instantly. 

If you’re wondering how Instagram can help you grow as a cam model then read on for eleven tips that will show you exactly why this app is the perfect way to grow your fanbase and your brand.

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instagram tips
  1. Always create your account using your model name. That way members or potential members can find you and follow you easier. Besides, you’re aiming to grow your model persona anyway.
  2. Make sure your profile is set on public and is a business profile. The reason for this is if it’s private your content won’t reach anyone and it will essentially be a dead account. The second is that a business account will let you see insights and figure out which posts work best for you and when your audience is most active. 
  3. Follow people from the industry but don’t limit yourself to just that. Follow influencers as well, other cam girls too. 
  4. Learn right away how stories and reels work. They can play a huge role in growing your account. They reach way more people than a simple post. 
  5. Always try to interact with people. Either respond to comments you get or go around and leave some comments and likes. This way, Instagram can keep your content relevant and show it to people. 
  6. Reply do DMs all the time. This also helps Instagram prioritize your content. The more active you are the better.
  7. Focus more on stories. People are more likely to view your stories than your post so try to stay relevant there. Show people what you’re doing, how your life is besides camming. Also make sure to use all the tools IG provides for stories: polls, questions, countdowns, etc. You can also promote other sites you’re active on your stories.
  8. Hashtags can be your best friend. Learn how to use them, what works for you and what doesn’t, and always keep up with what hashtags are banned and bring traffic to you. 
  9. Don’t use nudity. Instagram has a strict policy on this but you can get away with it if you keep it artsy and don’t show sensitive body parts. Your back, your legs, shoulders should be ok. A cleavage works too if it’s not too revealing. 
  10. Cross-promote. To help your Instagram grow you can also promote it on your other social media channels or in your link tree. Keep track of who comes on your profile like that through your insights. 
  11. Finally, always check the insights. From there you can see how your profile is doing, who visits you, from where and when so you can post accordingly. We do hope these tips prove useful to you and that you will enjoy using Instagram.