Sexuality is a diverse and complex sea of attraction that is as fluid and wet as water. Pun intended. Let’s dive into a spicy topic that’s often whispered about in hushed tones: fetishes. Those little quirks and kinks that make us live a more interesting and unique life can be that shameful secret that we hide from the world.

We’d all like to think that we are what is considered ‘normal’ in terms of what we like to do in bed, but we have to admit that some things might be a little more on the taboo side. Of course, that just means that they are uncommon and people do not really understand them. Fortunately, we do understand them and we can help you understand yourself and the world around you.

Fetishes are a normal part of sexuality and to prove it to you, we researched some stats on the nature of fetishes and how pervasive they are in our society. 


How Normal Are They?

In the realm of human sexuality, diversity reigns supreme just like in the natural world. From the mundane to the downright exotic, our desires come in all shapes and sizes. So, let’s address the elephant in the room: fetishes. Are they normal? 

  • First and foremost, it’s critical to understand that what is exciting to one individual may turn another one completely off. And that’s okay. It’s actually healthy for us to have different interests and desires! Diversity is the reason why we have been able to survive and evolve. 
  • Diversity aside, we’ve discovered that fetishes are very common. Studies reveal that a sizable section of the world indulges in non-mainstream sexual preferences or fetishes. They indicate that between 30% and 60% of people have some kind of fetish. While specific numbers vary, this is a huge win on the side of fetishes and sexual exploration.

So, is having fetishes considered normal? The answer is yes! Because they are a reflection of our own experiences, tastes, and even eccentricities, our sexual impulses are as distinct as we are. You shouldn’t feel strange or guilty about what ignites your fire as long as everyone is staying safe when exploring such a vulnerable experience. Accepting and honoring the diverse variety of wants and desires that define our identities is a necessary part of embracing the diversity of human sexuality.

Most Common Fetishes


Fetishes illuminate the breadth and depth of human desires within the broad and complex terrain of sexuality. However, which fetishes rule the domain of commonality supremely? Let’s examine some of the more common ones in more detail.

  • Feet: Surprisingly common, a lot of people have a strong obsession with feet. For a considerable proportion of the populace, there is something special about feet—be it the smell, size, or form.
  • Role-playing: There are countless options for exploration in the realm of role-playing, from mischievous nurses to cute schoolgirls. Many people add a layer of spice to their sexual interactions by assuming different characters and settings, which makes them fantasize and turns them on.
  • Bondage: For many people, there is an intense fascination for the thrill of tying someone else down or being tied up. Bondage is a very popular fetish in the bedroom, whether it’s because of the power dynamics, the aspect of trust, or just the physical experience.
  • Domination and submission: For people who have a strong inclination for either, investigating power dynamics can be quite sensual. This fetish spans a variety of behaviors and interests, from gentle teasing to strict obedience.
  • Clothes and lingerie: The seductive appeal of particular articles of clothing and lingerie can arouse intense feelings of desire. Many people find themselves pulled to the sensuality of specific clothing, whether it be latex, leather, or lace.

Fetishes you can fulfill with a cam girl

You might think that all cam models are alike and that they can all provide the same experience and fetishes. But no, not really. Like all members are different, so are cam models. They have different looks and different personalities and they enjoy different fetishes. Let’s see some examples!

GildaHeaton – Bondage, Domination, Latex And Feet


So I see you’re open to domination or submission. Gilda is the one for you! She loves to dominate and to be dominated by the men who love to play the game of power. 

This redheaded firecracker is bold, passionate, and, most importantly, tattooed. Her curvy body is mouth-watering and her fierce personality lights a fire inside you. Gilda is a switch in the BDSM world, her love of domination and submission is what makes viewers so addicted. Moreover, she is such an adventurous and wild spirit that she frequently engages with different types of fetishes like feet or roleplay.

Are you interested in domination? Or maybe submission? You can find Gilda on Flirt4Free and Livejasim.

AlyxiaLyn – Feet, Roleplay And The Schoolgirl Experience


She is dynamic and full of life. Her playful personality fits neatly inside a doll-like body, toying the line between kinkiness and vulnerability. Is she actually naive or is this just an act? Can you spot the dirty devil horns that come out to play during her sexy shows? 

You might think she’s an angel, but Alyxia has a secret naughtiness that she hides behind her puppy eyes and innocent face. Her petite body and pale white skin really helps with her angelic image. Many viewers also love to watch her play with her small and delicate feet which she loves to do.

If you’re ever curious to roleplay or wanna see a schoolgirl get dirty, you can find Alyxia on Stripchat.

KiaraHarp – Lingerie, Leather and Latex


Kiara is a blonde bombshell who thrives on glamour and teasing. She loves the sensuality behind clothes and how they evoke such profound feelings of lust. The sensory and visual exploration of what sexy means and looks like is what drives her members to watch and interact with her. 

KiaraHarp truly knows how to get viewers rilled up with her outfits and looks, while still satisfying their urge for a connection. She loves to mix and match lingerie to her moods and the leather or latex accessories or shoes are a must on her shows. Wanna see what she looks like Live? KiahaHarp streams on Flirt4Free and Livejasim. 

What’s Your Hidden Desire?

Every person has desires that are as distinct as they are, therefore what arouses one person may not arouse another. Go ahead and explore your fetishes and novel pleasure sensations as long as you and the person you’re dealing with feel comfortable doing so!