“You can bang your head against the wall while holding your freshly curled hair in a ponytail. Or you can bluntly say screw it and go make yourself happy,” were the words uttered by KieraAce when asked about her daily mantra. With clumsy, yet well-calculated moves, the click of her pointy, pitch-black heels and her unforgettable tease, a camming icon was born.

From the way her hazel eyes gleam when she talks about her online performer career, one can immediately tell two of her major traits. She is an anarchist at heart and a fuck-your-definitions rebel, who is most likely going to piss off sanctimonious killjoys of the industry – mainly because Kiera always does things her way and most of the time a thundering success follows. 


With a primed-for-gonzo appetite to pour herself into an unforgettable experience that is palpable in her zealous Babes Mansion shows, KieraAce is the best friend you never had in high school – but really desired to. After all, who wouldn’t be influenced (and – cough – charmed) by an unapologetic, sex-positive, successful model who listens to nobody else but her bloodless gut? That’s what we thought, too. 

Ladies and gents, I present you KieraAce

Permanently humming the lyrics of the latest Cardi B hit, KieraAce is the perfect mixture between a baddie and a girl next door type of vibe. But the thing that intimidates you while antithetically leaving you thirsty for more is her insatiable appetite for freedom. Filled with a “je m’en fiche” vibe, Kiera views life as an empty road in a Nevada type of nomadic dessert – while she bountifully rides it on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. That is freedom, damn it. Nothing to lose, nothing to win. Lying your head wherever you taste ecstatic happiness – and for Kiera, that place is the digital space of her chatroom.


The whole package in a woman – with a ribbon on it

It’s this damned-if-I-do, damned-if-I-don’t charisma that has won her a stable community of fans – even from day one. While most models get the horribly anxious kind of stage fright when they first go online, for Kiera everything was natural. Actually, natural would be a shameful understatement to describe the professionalism and excitement she showcased when she first pressed the “Go Live” button.

While these are still Kiera’s early days in the camming universe, she confesses she never had a job she was so passionate about. From her point of view, camming “is a job that doesn’t feel like a job”. “Makes you feel alive, doesn’t it? Seeing your audience growing from a handful of people to hundreds. It gets you addicted,” Kiera continues. And you can tell from the spark in her eyes when she says “addicted” that she has a natural talent for it. To get you hooked. To make herself utterly memorable. Or to make herself happy by making her audience happy. Sometimes, all of those at the same time… but only if you are lucky enough.