Rumour has it – “my vagina waits for no men” mantra seems to be not only cam girls’ phone wallpaper but also their way of going around things. I mean hello, cam girls are the only individuals on Earth (ahem, besides porn stars) that earn their incomes via orgasm. Laying 8 hours per day in a comfy bed and glorifying my precious lady parts while generous tips are flooding the chatroom – at what office can I sign up? That’s the type of first-off impression the camming hustle leaves us. It is not far from being wrong, but it is not close to being right either. 

Let’s get real about it. While men would be more than happy to get a blowjob while riding a bus, women are much more complicated than that. As someone who represents the grrrl power, allowing someone, including yourself to give you pleasure is an incredibly intimate and vulnerable place to be. And cam girls are no exceptions to this golden rule. Imagine the following scenario – there are hundreds of daunting eyes examining you while you are doing one of the most visceral things one can do with their body. Pretty hard to orgasm or even feel physical pleasure, huh? If it would that easy, we would get aroused at every Pap test. 


Getting that cam-confidence

It might not sound like rocket sciene, but the way you perform on cam is directly proportional to your level of self-confidence. As a rookie, your cam-confidence is not going to happen overnight. Genuinely believing in yourself and fully embracing your physical attractiveness is not something that falls from the sky, but something you build through baby steps. Own your body, love it, gratify it – this is the holy trinity when it comes to confidence. However, the camming universe is somehow similar to the social scene of a highscool – there are going to be people who compliment you, trust you, appreciate you, but also people who talk shit behind your back in the bathroom cigarette break. 

Sadly, in highshool you didn’t benefit from the ban or kick buttons – instead, you had to see the faces of those toxic people everyday, while trying to abstain from giving them a high five in the face. But fortunately, those magic button exists in the digital shelter of your chatroom, so use them whenever a member is rude, annoys you or overall makes you think less about yourself. Transform your chatroom in what it is truly meant to be – a comfortable space that you can finish in. 


It is okay if you don’t get your orgasm

So, we got the first base covered – climaxing only comes when you are enjoying yourself and feel confident in whatever you are doing. Although you can’t force it, there will be days where you will definitely have to fake it. Contrary to the popular belief, cam girls are not horny creatures riding dildos 24/7. There will be days when your vagina is going to be something similar to a desert’s ecosystem. Hormones, low libido or just not feeling it – those are only three of the normal and natural reasons that will press the turn off button of your next orgasm. Embrace them and don’t be too hard on yourself – it happens to the best of us. 

Viewers (especially the ones that have been surfing the website you a streaming on for awhile) will sometimes notice that you are not fully enjoying yourself. So try not to make your existence as a cam girl revolve around the orgasm. An old fashioned cliche says that it is not about the destination, but about the journey. Performers can do a variety of activitaties that are in between foreplay and climaxing, such as offering JOI shows and other things that let the female orgasm fall in second place. 

Other times though, your body will be filled with feelings of euphoria and physical liberation. This goes back to creating a safe cam space where you can feel comfortable and relaxed, so you can enjoy your cam experience as much as the viewers do. And maybe sometimes, the thought of viewers getting off to you might make you experience one of your most intense orgasms yet.