To say that you can get close from a distance is a delicate redundancy – but thanks to the beautiful mother technology, it is very much applicable to anything and everything. Camming is no exception to that, since most live streaming platforms provide performers with an unique online tool that has the power of not only fostering, but also nurturing digital relationships – cam to cam. 

If it is not obvious enough by now, this feature gives users the ability to privately share their cam with broadcasters during their live shows or private sessions. Bringing this layer of closeness and intimacy in your room can either transform a user into a regular visitor or someone who is not going to set (a digital) foot in your room ever again. This is why mastering the art of cam to cam is crucial to building a member base that will generate top-dollar revenues. 

cam to cam

But before we get to the nitty gritty…

Logic says that in order to lure users into a private session, you need to embezzle the ultimate skill in the adult industry – be engaging. If you aim for a long cam to cam session, you have to give users a perfectly sufficient reason to not press the “x” button in the first five seconds. Take this as a kind reminder that showcasing a bored persona that doesn’t talk and who looks out of it is the secret recipe to make someone exit your chatroom almost immediately.

Users want to talk and to be heard. Especially in those turbulent times, everyone is hungry for a sense of community. When engaging with your audience, try to stop considering the chatroom as solely yours – it also abides a safe, digital hub where people should feel welcomed. That obviously means saying hello to everyone who enters your room. Also, a feeble-minded question like “how is your day going” is more than welcomed – it will add a sense of intimacy to your bound-to-be connections. First-time viewers can easily become the big tippers, so communicate as much as you can with everybody. 

Mastering a cam to cam session

When members finally decide that they trust and like you enough in order to show themselves, take this as an opportunity. Not only because most camming platforms charge users with an extra cost if they want to switch to cam to cam, but also because it is harnessing a one-of-a-kind type of engagement. You are able to see users gives you some real time visual feedback on your performance, which to be fair is better than the shallow written reviews you get on your profile. Seeing them light up when you talk directly to them, laugh along the jokes or even look bored is the most valuable feedback you can get. 

Depending on the platform you are working on, users can also share their cam in free chat, not only in private. You might feel an alert mode rushing through your veins if two distinct users share their cam when you are in free chat. Pay extra attention to the visual element here – make the users feel seen. At the end of the day, this is the motivation they have when sharing their cam. Users seek attention and recognition. Make sure you persuade the desire they came for. 

cam to cam

How to monetise it 

Your chatroom is a lovefest and the cam to cam feature does nothing else than powerfully enhancing it. Therefore, making sure that their cam is open for as long as possible is essential. How to do that? The checklist a cam girl should sound like this: giving verbal compliments, sharing your attention distributively and making your digital hub feel like home to them. Compliments can be related, but are not subjected to their looks. You can make an observation about their clothes, any accessories they are wearing, the background, and so on – once again, it makes them feel seen. 

When it comes to cam to cam, showing that you are genuinely invested in building and nourishing your connection with the members is your religion. Read it, practice it, do it until there is no room left for improvement. If you follow these rules of thumb, the legend says you will immediately feel the smell of freshly pressed dollar bills. You can place your bet that no long after, they will follow to your bank account.