When it comes to the art of camming, it is vital to comprehend that success goes way beyond caking your make-up, styling your hair to perfection and examining every part of your body to make sure that it is perfectly shaved and moisturised. Indeed, primping is one essential ingredient for top dollar earnings and traffic – but not the only one. What most models utterly obliterate is the 1-to-1 interaction that messaging members provides them with. 

Private messages offer a lucrative opportunity to gain new regulars, increase your daily earnings and overall improve your model score – bear in mind, that only happens when it is leveraged sensibly. Most models tend to be spammy, by sending a very generic message to dozens of website users that doesn’t feel personal, and for sure it’s not engaging at all. It might sound like a silly thing to say, but website members feel when a text is not directly targeted at them. Consequences? They will feel neglected and will overlook your message instantly. 

Private messaging might sound like a tedious job to do on a daily basis, but without this text-based personal interplay, your chatroom traffic will be as dead as a graveyard. So buckle up, take a pen and a paper because you are about to learn how to master the art of messaging. 

messaging members

Let’s get personal

First things first – you should know by now that a plain and desperate sounding message like “Hello bb, come visit my room” will never get positive feedback. Not even for new users. On the other hand, the simple “hello” won’t awake any genuine interest either. So, what’s the bottom line? 

When it comes to regulars, appeal to their emotions, personality traits and stuff that they like. Make him reminisce about your last time together, mentioning what you guys talked about – and don’t forget to mention in a few words how he made you feel. Since you’ve known that person for a while, you most likely know his soft spots: does he watch “How I Met Your Mother” or has a thing for red wine? Appeal into that. Make him feel important by showing off your knowledge about him. 

But what do you do when you want to catch some new attention? Indeed, it is difficult to message someone who doesn’t have an eye-catching and curated profile, but not impossible to pique his interest. Be spontaneous and let your wit come into play. Usually, ask him a question that spark up the conversation – be anything but clique. In other words, don’t ask about his home country, age or children. 

The show must go on 

After you finish a show, wipe your sweat and hydrate yourself with the good, old H20… and find a couple of free minutes to send some messages to the members who attended it. Thank them for coming to your show and mention how happy it will make you feel if you would see in the near future. It is a thoughtful thing to do that in the long run will nourish your connection with your members. 

What you do while streaming is very important, but kindling relationships while offline is pretty vital too. If not, the steamy show that you pulled will get lost in the void of other random shows that the member attended. 

messaging members

But before messaging members, let me take a selfie!

Good morning cute text messages are nice, but some accompanying visual content will make it even ten times better. This can be the real icing on the cake, in your direct messaging recipe. They say that an image is worth a thousand words for a reason, so what better way to engage your users than exchanging visual content with them?

Most live streaming websites provide you with the necessary tools to aid you in sharing candid photos and videos with your members – which, ultimately, will make your relationship even closer. Treat this texting side job as if you would exchange messages with your close circle of friends. Make him feel like he is an integral part of your life and show him that he knows you on a higher level than the basic tipper – model relationship.

Camming forever changes you on a personal level – you get to know people, learn new social typologies and how to deal with each of them. Along the way, you grasp vital social skills that would make any man fall on his knees. Not only while streaming. But also in text. So own it, and use it as a powerful tool to have the best (and most productive) time.