Success with your clothes on in the camming world might sound like a mind-boggling oxymoron – how can you financially prevail in the adult entertainment industry without any nude group shows and steamy privates? Theoretically, it is like shooting a porn movie scene with the actors dressed from head to toe. Not going to lie, being a non-nude model, especially in a market saturated with nudity and a wide array of hypnotizing and wicked  teasing sessions, is not an easy road to take.

Before you embark on this adventure, you need to know that there isn’t a plethora of non-nude models that it is going to inspire you. Naturally, this means little to no creative ideas about how you can enhance your online presence and no references for cam strategies. Without a doubt, gaining an audience without taking your clothes off is as easy as prepping a Michelin 3-stars recipe when you barely know how to turn on the oven. But bear in mind that it is not impossible – as always, we are here to give you advice, emotional support and a shoulder to cry on (or punch, depending on how you handle negative emotions). 

non-nude model

Let us define “non-nude” 

Surprisingly enough, non-nude doesn’t mean that your staple streaming outfit is going to be a puffer jacket and baggy jeans. The “non-nude” concept shouldn’t be taken ad litteram – it isn’t necessarily linked to the amount of skin that is covered, but to the fact that the main focus of your room is your personality. Take a step back and have an introspection session. Ask yourself questions like “How skimpy do I want my clothes to be?”, “What about wearing shirts without a bra” and “Would I feel comfy enough showing myself in lingerie on cam?”. 

Be very abiding when you set up your boundaries – and make whoever stumbles upon your room knows them as well. It might sound like a trifle, but it will later save you from answering users’ questions you are not prepared for. A shitty situation that you might encounter one-too-many times to eat up your patience sounds like this – some users might take your “non-nude” status as a challenge. They will try to test you and see how far you will go, so learn to be upfront about whether or not you will strip on cam.

non-nude model

Tapping into the 100% sexuality free personality

Just like your nude counterparts, creating a digital persona that suits your personality is the core of, well, pretty much everything. If you won’t stand out from the crowd, what is the point of anything endeavours you work on?  Without a doubt, as a non-nude model it is 10 times more difficult to attract an audience, let alone a tipping one – so you’re going to have to be extra cute, extra friendly and extra flashy to entice people out of their tokens. 

That said, since you are navigating an extremely sexual industry with your clothes on, you have to make up for the lack of nudity with a personality trait that will blow everyone’s mind. In this case, your best bet can be a talent or speciality of yours. Maybe you are the type of person that can make anyone laugh, even in their gloomiest mood. Reflect upon your personality until you dug onto something. When you find it, make sure it will be reflected on your room topic, bio, look, etc. If you are good at something, assure yourself that everyone knows it. 

Ok, but what can I do as a non-nude model?

The good, old chat, chat, chat. Creating meaningful bonds that will get your members hooked are your best bet, so make your communication skills are the ace that always stays up your sleeve. However, the icebreaker of each conversation is the hardest step to take. If you are anxious about the “What am I going to talk about” thought, think about current affairs and events currently happening – or, even better, find a common ground with the members. Maybe you are both into tennis or hate Scorpios. You never know. 

Also, give whoever enters your chatroom a good reason to tip. You can use the goal feature, as it has been incorporated by most live streaming websites to your advantage. Since you won’t do countdowns for nude cam shows, you can substitute them with other activities like going outside, baking or doing a special dance. As long as it gives users something to tip for, you can really get creative with it.