A vision in leather that’s what Ruby is! This ink goddess will steal your heart and make you go crazy for her. Don’t believe us? Then visit her room and see for yourself. But remember you will want to spend every moment with her the moment you lay eyes on her. So what are you gonna do? Best to not keep her waiting, Ruby doesn’t like that. Who does? So go ahead and meet each other!

It’s clear to see that Ruby is here to take names and ask questions later. A badass girl dressed head to toe in leather she is ready to rock your world until you don’t even know your own name. Ask her to step on you, or to take off those boots, or make her tell you what to do. It’s your choice but whatever you pick it’s gonna be memorable.

But what is the ink goddess like?

Very ambitious and determined to reach her goals. A very no-nonsense attitude that got her far in life. And will get her even further with you. It’s clear that with Ruby when it’s time to play you play and when it’s time for business its business. But don’t be afraid to explore her more. She also has a sweet, soft side she only shows people she really trusts. Can you be one of those people?

We know winning trust is not an easy feat but what are these days? Still, she will be worth the fight when at the end of the day you see each other in her room and she will be waiting to tell you all about her and her day. Bursting at the seams to share every little detail and be soft and vulnerable with you.

See what she’s up to!

Do you have Instagram? Or maybe Twitter? Doesn’t matter which one you have because you can find Ruby on both. See what she’s up to, where she is travelling when she is on and of course when she is online so you can be the first in her room to say Hi and maybe have some fun.

So what are you waiting for? Go, go, go!