As a cam model, be it in a studio or on your own, you have some rules to follow when it comes to being online.Most sites offer rules and regulations that you have to take into consideration so you can do a good job. But when it comes to working in a studio, you have some other rules to help you do a better job than you would do if you were on your own.Keep in mind that every studio is different and every studio has their own rules, created from their own point of view, to help you succeed at your job.   

Respect your fellow colleagues.Sharing a room with another model means respecting her private space and helping each other. Don’t use her stuff without permission for instance. Also, keep your room clean, tidy and organized.  

Studio20 family:  Help other models when needed. Some members have nylon fetish but you’re missing out that white pair of stockings that he likes. No problem because your model colleagues will help you with that.  

Be on time! Working shifts are mandatory 5 days per week just like a normal job. You spend around 8  hours logged in but that’s not an issue since you have people to help you when needed. If you’re out of a topic discussion with a member or ideas, now it’s simply because you can ask a trainer.

Respect your body.Some rules are made to keep models in a healthy state that’s why alcohol, cigars, junk food and carbonated drinks are not allowed.The studio offers models a juice maker so you can have a fresh anytime you want instead of energy drinks.  The same principle goes for working out and keeping your body fit. The studio will pay 70%  for various packages such as spa, massage, detox and so on.

Let the pros do it.If you’re not savvy there is nothing to worry about. The studio will take care of some of the more technical and financial things for you so that you can focus on your cam time. They may promote and advertise you and drive traffic to your room while you’re on cam.

Respect your image and brand.Your image is now important as you represent also the studio’s image. Therefore, your physical appearance, outfit, makeup, proper behavior, and involvement are from now on a  priority.

No gossip girl drama.The #girlsfromstudio20 are like a big happy family. That’s why we help each other out with all sort of things just like girlfriends do. We like to get together in breaks and have a meal, give a  friendly advice or take care of our social media accounts. After all, we have to let our fans know when we go online on cam.

No trolling and competition.Women tend to compare themselves and things can heat up pretty easily. But there is no competition in a team. Be fair to yourself and don’t troll your studio colleagues while they are logged in.

Periodical medical checks.The great thing about working with a studio is that they take care of your health and you’ll  make periodic medical examinations. All these expenses are free of charge and you don’t  have to pay for anything. It’s that simple.  

Professional photo shoots and videos. All you have to do is show up at work and respect your part of the deal and the studio will help you when it comes to building your brand. Periodically, you will have teasers, join contests,  awards, seminars, professional photo shoots and so on. Get involved in all these projects and the results will come sooner than you’re expecting.  

Confidentiality terms.Because studios have access to many apps and information that help you perform better,  confidentiality is an important aspect that must be respected by both parties involved,  model and studio. Sharing conversations, payment details and any other information about the studio’s procedures or other models revenues is strictly forbidden.  

These rules may seem too much or exaggerated for some people, but each studio has its own standards and values. The above­mentioned rules are made as a result of years of experience and training and its main purpose is to help performers reach their goals, become financially independent and better people on cam and offline.