Remember that one time when you went out with your social circle on a weekday, promised to not touch alcohol, but got so drunk you did an Instagram live? At some point, we were all in that bubbly place that tasted like regret in the morning – of course, if we didn’t have that sober friend who snatched our phone when we almost pressed “go live”. Imagine getting paid to do that. Actually, don’t dream up about it, because as a camgirl, you can earn top dollar from mobile streaming. 

Think about mobile streaming as some type of FaceTime – it gives you a better glimpse into somebody’s personal life. Not to mention that when you get bored to tears of sluggishly sitting on your bed, you can switch to mobile and stream from wherever – restaurant, mall, or on the road. Not to mention that a change of scenery is going to make your members feel hyped up too, as for a few minutes or hours, they are going to feel like an integral part of your personal life.

You are going to stand out in the sea of models sitting in their bedroom, by showcasing something unique and exclusive. Place your bets that this is going to attract new potential regulars, because you are going to win. 

mobile streaming

New phone, who dis? 

Now that we’ve sorted out the mobile streaming impact on your cam girl career, we have to discover the secret recipe to doing it right. First things first, open your phone camera and move it around a bit, see if it freezes, check if it has a decent amount of megapixels and don’t forget about the optical image stabilisation. You can check those by simply taking some pictures and analysing them. 

Do you feel satisfied with their quality? Think that it is enough to attract members? If the answer is no to at least one of those questions, put your shoes on and go purchase another phone. When searching for the best mobile camera on the market, it is advisable to turn your gaze towards the iPhone. Buying the last model will be a fuss that will leave your wallet all dried-up. Previous versions of the iPhone work just as good (of course, if you don’t go for the model launched 5 years ago). 

Home is where your Wi-Fi connects automatically

But it should have a powerful connection too. Same goes for cellular data, as in some cases you won’t be streaming from home. If you will treat the internet connection in a “je m’en fiche” manner, mobile streaming is going to transform you into the queen of buffering. Your assets aren’t going to be the body language and provocative teasing, but blurry image and constant lagging. Guess what? Nobody wants to watch that. 90% of the users will click the “x” button at the first lag. 

mobile streaming

Go get a ring light 

There are going to be many cases when the universe and galaxy will adore you, and as a consequence, they will give you the best sunlight when streaming. But most of the time, that is not going to happen. This is why you have to get your own “sunlight” aka a ring light. It is an expensive device that will really make your eyes stand out and will even out your skin tone. 

In the case of being on the road (streaming outside of your house), you won’t be able to bring your ring light with you. Get a small clip-on ring light for your phone, since it can be easily transported. 

Mix mobile streaming with standard camming

Whenever you feel fed up with streaming from your bedroom, go grab your phone and plan ahead about how you are going to do it – theme, outfit, conversation topic and location. The most important thing is to let your creativity flow. It’s like you have you own show and dictate everything that happens in it. Whatever you do, remember that you are the star!