In everyday life, sexy lingerie is a key element in our mood. It can help you feel more feminine and sensual, more confident, whether you wear it under your clothes or use it for the spicy moments in the bedroom. Are you curious to know what type of lingerie suits you?

Cam models are the most aware of the importance of beautiful and quality lingerie.

Following the studies made on thousands of members of the cam models, we discovered that their tastes in lingerie can be reduced to 4 colors: black, red, white, and emerald green.

Black – for Self-confidence and Domination

Do you want to be really seductive? Wear black! No man can resist a set of black underwear. Black lace exudes a spell that no one can escape. Black gives you a sensual, slightly wild air. Men know that a woman dressed in black lingerie is a self-possessed woman who does not allow herself to be conquered, but is ready to conquer the entire world.

Passionate Red

Do you remember the bull’s reaction to the sight of red? That’s how men are when they see a woman in red lingerie – their eyes and senses are sharp, and they’re ready to attack. A woman in red expresses sensuality and self-confidence. A woman who wears red is able to dominate both in everyday life and in bed.

White – from Purity to Seduction

This is a must have in a woman’s wardrobe. Whether you choose to wear it under a silk shirt, or whether you wear it in the evening for the moments of intimacy, the white lace or satin lingerie is always feminine, it is the classic that never goes out of style. Not only does it give purity to the moments spent in two, but it gives your partner the feeling that he needs to protect you.

Emerald Green – a precious presence

Emerald is a gemstone, and a woman wearing emerald green is just as precious and graceful as the gemstone. This color of lingerie will highlight your shapes, but also your femininity. It will make you unforgettable, that’s for sure!


Latex lingerie!

The attraction for latex is written in the male gene. A woman in latex is dominant, tough and very sexual. Every man has had at least one fantasy with a woman dressed in latex, so if you want something new and spicy in the bedroom, we recommend you try on underwear made of this fabric.