Warning! This article might be triggering

***the article includes triggering topics, such as suicide and asphyxiation

   Trying asphyxiation with a member is a really tricky thing, and we’re here to make you understand why. It’s a triggering, but important subject, so let’s get straight to it.


Sexual asphyxiation is the act of choking someone for sexual pleasure. It falls under the umbrella of breath play. That’s any sex act that makes it hard for you to breathe. Members may use their hands, plastic wrap or plastic bags, or specialized BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism) devices like hoods for breath play. 

2.Emotional issues

Sexual asphyxiation is a dangerous activity. Minor health risks include broken blood vessels in the face, a hoarse voice, or trouble swallowing. Severe health risks include death. The risks are greater for people with certain health conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Experts say somewhere between 250-1,000 people die each year from autoerotic asphyxiation. The idea is that you cannot control what the member does. Let’s take this scenario: he ties himself by a chair, with a plastic bag on his head, and realises he cannot free himself. How could you help him? The sad answer is, you cannot.

If he hides some personal problems, if he has suicidal thoughts, you may be the one who is unknowingly pushing him to do what he was already thinking about. It’s way too dangerous, and it might traumatize you. 


3. Legal issues + Site issues

If something really bad happens, you might become responsible for it. You don’t want something happening to your members, and you don’t want it to look like it was your idea. Don’t forget the fact that there are many other options in the BDSM area, so it’s better to find an alternative. Sites have the option to block you based on your social security number, so you won’t be able to work ever again. 



As a final note, we do not reccomend autoerotic asphyxiation. It’s too dangerous while online, and we all know how vast and wonderful the erotic scene is, we definetly can get around this one thing.