We live in a society where content evolves continuously and if we take our minds away from the new ways of creating it, we might feel like we are back in the stone age in a couple of months time. We need to keep up with new trends, new ways of producing videos or photos and even pose in the photos and videos that we take for our social media accounts.

There’s no good and bad side, if you know your angles!

Every person has a good side and a bad side, or so they say. But I don’t believe that, and I say that because angles CHANGE EVERYTHING. And when you are used to posing with one side of your face, it comes natural and “feels” better, but when you are posing with your other side, it feels awkward and unnatural, and that’s why you feel like you look bad in those poses. Try out switching your sides, lift up your chin, smile, but don’t fake it, lift your eyebrows a little and try multiple positions until you see what fits YOU.
Hot tip: YOU have to feel good, and what feels good for you will make you look even better than poses you see on the internet.

Trust me, underexposed is better than overexposed.

Lighting is everything when it comes to creating content. Let’s take this scenario: Would you rather pick a photo that’s dark, with a lot of shadows and dark spots or would you take a photo that’s too bright that you can’t even see a thing? I know what I would choose, and it’s the first one, because you can always add light in edit, but you can’t fix something that you can’t see because of the brightness.
Try using natural light as much as you can, because that’s the one that “hits different”. Other light sources are good too, and if you can manipulate the light, you can even highlight the great angles you found you have in the first tip from this article.

Different outfits, same day.

No one will know, trust me, and it’s better to take more photos when you feel like it. If you have a good vibe in the day that you’re producing content, you can use more than one outfit, because your vibe will be felt through the photos that you’re producing, and people will be more drawn toward you.
You can take a day and do 3 outfits that cover your whole week of daily content, and that saves you time and the trouble of “what am I going to post today? I feel awful and don’t want to pose”. Trust me, I’ve helped some people with their social media accounts until now and the first mistake I always saw was not planning ahead the content they want to do!

Be genuine, people will like that and will be drawn in by that!

Don’t fake it ‘till you make it. It gets tiring over time, and you will hate portraying something that you’re not if it doesn’t represent who you are fully. Be authentic, because we all have bad days, and don’t try to fake perfection. We all know examples of social media models who touched up their photos so much that when they were seen in person, no one recognized them.

In the end, producing content is about trial and error, and you have to try different poses, angles and types of lighting in order to create the best and most brilliant pieces of content that you can. Everyone has their style here, and you have to find what trends are for you!