Turn followers into paying members – the 1-2-3 guide


Sadly, a common situation that most cam girls have encountered several times along their online model career is creepers. But I am not talking about the type of creepers that follow you home or message you a gazillion times, even if you never replied to them. But the type of individuals that join your chat room, they are not typing or tipping but just… looking at you. 


The frustration roars inside you when you are doing everything by the book – you are killing it on camera, offering irresistible deals while permanently trying to lift up the mood of the chat. You have above-average traffic in your room, so you are waiting for what seems like an eternity to finally hear that tip sound or see a member typing. But everyone is just staring. So, how can you make your traffic shift from lurkers to tippers? (also, consider just selling your nudes) 

Moving from free chat to group shows 


If you are lucky, you have two or three regulars to visit you daily and tip you generously – if you are extra-fortunate that day, they might even take you in a private for dozens of minutes. However, realistically speaking, those regulars are not made of credits. Money might be made out of paper but it doesn’t grow on trees – so, the moral of the story is that you can’t rely on your regulars to fund your incomes forever. 


The catch here is to be on a permanent hunt for potential new members. Behind the slightly closed doors of a group show, you can make your regular lurkers have a real interest in you – and that, ultimately, drags some serious tips and privates along with it. Take this as a chance to pull up a real show that is to die for. Show what you’ve got – maybe that one group show is what it takes for someone to become a regular. 

Peeking and tipping 


Who says that a private show can’t attract more than the person you are having it with? Picture this – you are going through the “being in free chat for the last 30 minutes” struggle, and there is this lonely baller who wants to take things privately. Don’t just switch to private chat without making sure that everyone in the chatroom will know that the private session will be payable. 


What you are practically doing here is advertising your private show as it will be the best one that site ever witnessed. Think about your strengths (is it an oil show or a hot strip?) and don’t be afraid to tell them out loud. How are the lurkers going to know what a femme fatale you are if you are not going to tell them? 


That VIP feeling


Take a second, breathe in, breathe out, and think about the dynamics of your chat. Put yourself in the place of an individual that is watching you. Would you be too shy to tip? Or too nervous to take you to private? Or both? Your lurkers are just like you, who might be taken aback to make a move due to normal, human emotions. 


A good suggestion would be to make them feel in their element, but since there are so many personalities and social typologies, it can be a real pain to try and guess how you can relax them (especially when they didn’t even type “hi”). So tap into their emotions – everyone loves the feeling of having exclusive benefits, so let them know that your private and group shows are some sort of exclusive club, where all of the cool stuff happens.  


Don’t forget to try and be creative 


Do not get discouraged if your chatroom won’t shift from lurkers to members instantly. Just like any other good thing (and long-lasting too), it takes time. Indeed, there is not going to be a chorus of lurkers screaming “I am going to tip you daily from now on”, but they are going to remember you. They will remember that you made them feel special. And from that to tipping large sums, there is only a stone’s throw.