If you ever wondered what Twitter is and how does it work, then it’s your lucky day because this article is made not only for those cam girls out there that wanted to create their own Twitter account but also for those people that wanted to improve their Twitter content.

Meet Twitter, also called the bluebird app, from it’s unique and cute logo, one of the most important social media platforms. So, if you are curious why you should use Twitter in the first place and how to do it best in order to grow your fan base and your brand read the Twitter tips for cam girls below:

  1. Create your account using your model performer name and put your profile on public (do not use option protect your tweets) as you want to grow your account.
  2. Make sure your bio section contains the most important and representative things about you and your work. Use tags or words that fit best, that describe your occupation, hobbies or something really funny
    about you. Put links to your chat room or personal website. If you want people to know about your
    bday, then make it public. You can also pick your own colors for fonts, it’s pretty easy using HTML
    color codes.
  3. Choose to follow influencers, people that you admire, other cam girls and models. Stay up to date with their work.
  4. Learn the differences between tags, mentions, tweets, retweets, moments, how to create and subscribe to a list in order to follow a specific group of people’s activity. At first, it’s going to be tricky but you’ll get the hang of it.
  5. Unless you want your account suspended, don’t use nudity in your Avi, cover photos or tweets. Keep it decent and classy.
  6. Reply and interact with people that you are following. You want people to see you as genuine, not just some robot who only tweets about how horny she is and she wants members for her cam show. Once you create some connections with these people, hopefully, some of their followers will be interested (if they’ve seen your conversation) and will start to follow and interact with you as well. Keep things conversational and fun!
  7. Use selfies, videos, go live in order to increase your audience and show followers your friendly, positive side. Members also want to know your day to day life activities. Let’s say that you just bought a new dress. Take a photo, post it and ask your followers if they like it. Why? Because you want to grow organically and not pay for ads that won’t make any difference.
  8. Why is Twitter such a great tool? Because it allows you to tell your members when you go online on cam, when you have a sale on your website, when you write a sexy blog post and most importantly keep in touch with them 24/7.
  9. Choose carefully your audience and post at peak hours if you want bigger engagement. Also, use analytics if you want to know how your tweet activity went.
  10. Engage, engage, engage. Reply daily to DMs, mentions and ask questions. Don’t make every post about business. Make it fun, natural.
  11. It’s extremely important to use no more than 2 or 3 hashtags. Overdoing it looks fake, spammy or repetitive. Using hashtags in a smart way, especially those that are trending will bring you, new followers. Same story goes when you mention 10 people. Do it #wisely.
  12. From time to time you can use polls. It will make your fan base more interactive. Read more about Twitter tips also from this article. We do hope you will find our Twitter tips for cam girls useful.