The year 2020 was a year in which the Social Media platforms turned to the video part. If in the early 2000s we witnessed the digitization of photos and the desire to post all your pictures with friends and selfies on social platforms, in 2020 we witnessed the transition from pictures to video. This is due to TikTok. Soon, Instagram aligned itself with new trends and introduced Reels videos.

Reels – Dynamism and Energy

Reels brought Instagram dynamism and energy. You can take this opportunity to develop 15-30 second videos to introduce yourself, or moments in your life, or behind the scenes of photoshoots. Reels is an instrument that urges you to be creative, it’s the note of freedom you needed to create new and unique content for your Instagram profile.

A Way to Get Closer to Your Followers

Stunning curly female model jumping on purple background. Indoor photo of slim girl in bright yellow dress.

Reels are a good way to get closer to your followers. You can make short videos to present the behind the scenes of your photoshoots and parts of your personal life in a funny way, so your audience will know you better. Moreover, they will be able to better identify with you.

Take into Account the Reels Algorithm

If you want your videos to reach as large an audience as possible, consider the Reels algorithm:

  • make funny or motivational videos, they have the biggest audience
  • use content-appropriate hashtags (5 to 10 hashtags recommended)
  • Reels takes into account the location of your device, so keep the location active
  • shoot vertically
  • use songs from Instagram’s music library (Instagram identifies the song and assigns your video to the list of video suggestions made on that song)

New: Reels Ads

Instagram has officially announced the introduction of the paid video promotion service in the Reels section. If you want your video to go viral almost instantly, promote it! You’ll definitely earn some new followers!