We know that when you think cam girl you think online as that’s where it takes place. That’s the core of it. But to be a successful cam model you also need to understand the importance of offline content and how that can truly make a difference for you and your income.

Sure, there are always the online tools, the private show, the VIPs, the video calls, and the likes. You may think it’s enough to cover it. But in this day and age when demand for content is on the rise and when members want to get more up close and personal with their desires, offline content really has its place. Still, what is offline content, or rather what should you do?

To better organize yourself you should try to always set time apart from your day for creating offline content.

What is offline content?

Basically? It’s content that you create while you’re not online and directly connected to your members. It’s content you make that you will use later to draw in the crowds. It can be on-demand videos, for example, a member may write to you and say he wants a video of you all oiled up and in stockings. Of course, you can do that when you’re not online and send it to him. Members like to see that models can also get a little personal with them outside of their room.

Secondly, you can also come up with more original content that you know works well now. For example, ASMR works wonders so maybe combine that with JOI and use your soothing voice to give someone instructions. Record these in your spare time and when you get online just upload them to your profile and see how they do.

Lastly, you can also just refresh your profile with an impromptu photoshoot or some new hot videos that you take yourself. Not everything has to be professional, as, again, members love that personal touch. So whip up that camera and take some nicely lit candids. That way your members also take a peek into your private life.

The gear you use is also very important for high-quality content

Where do you create this offline content?

It should always be in a place you’re comfortable with but that’s also nicely decorated but in a natural way. Choose a nice spot in your house that is also well lit and go to town. If it’s ASMR then just use your home desk. Make sure you have all the required gear like a microphone, mixer, headphones, and a laptop, and then get creative.

Keep in mind that many ASMR sounds can be a real turn-on for many members so if they like what you’re doing you can ask for their feedback and create recordings especially for them. Neat right?


But how does it help me?

This is one of the first questions and a legit one. At first, you’d be tempted to think online’s all you need. But nowadays a private show is just not enough and for a well-rounded experience for both you and your members you need to set aside time offline to create some good content. Think of it as completing your online shows or the icing on the cake. Sure the online shows are amazing but why not offer them more and finish with a bang?

Just try it out and see how it goes!