AdaniaWills, a beautiful blonde and sexy woman, inside and out, has been a cam model for more than three years now and she has decided to give us an interview about her ups and downs from her career, how a positive mindset can help you reach the stars and some details of her personal life.

Q: How are you? And when I ask this, I mean how do you feel on a psychological point of view?

Adania: I m great, thank you for asking me. Right now I am in a very good place mentally and physically. But, it hasn`t always been like this.

Q; Can you tell us more about your experience? The ups and downs?

Adania: Sure. Since I was young, I alway wanted more out of my life. Never knew how to achieve it exactly, but I knew there is something inside me that pushed me out of my condition. I saw an add on Social Media about becoming a cam model, so I said to myself, why not give it a try? After all, I have always been very drawn to this domain.

Q: So, tell us, how was your road to success?

Adania: It wasn`t easy. Whoever thinks that success and money will fall from the sky, could not be more wrong. It takes time, patience and most important a positive mindset. I started pretty good, but it took me some time to realise that my mindset was not a proper one, and I had many demons to fight with.

Q: What do you mean?

Adania: First of all, I found out that a bad mentality and always comparing yourself with others can really have a bad effect on yourself. I had many downs and started missing my shifts and I thought that the whole world was unfair. Turns out that the only unfair thing was my mindset. Its extremly important as a cam model to be at peace with yourself and to work with your thoughts on a daily basis. One needs to learn how to control thoughts and create positive ones.

Q: Wow, this is really deep. Can you tell us more on how you managed to do this?

Adania: Well, I had help, my colleagues and my members really helped me a lot. They made me realise that I was going in a very bad direction. I had to work a lot on my self, to be honest. Daily affirmations, meditation, sports. All these made a huge difference in my life.

Q: Is the mindset an important tool in being a successful cam girl?

Adania: Definetely! Like in other domains or aspects of life, your thoughts are gonna make you either succeed or fail. I learned that through your thoughts you can create your reality. You can either think bad and feel bad, sink in depression or other traumas, or decide to move on and manifest positive things.

Q: Do you believe in manifestation?

Adania: I do, very much now. I didnt believe at the beggining because i was using it wrong. But now I can say that i believe with all my heart.

Q: This is remarcable. What do your friends have to say about your job? How about your parents?

Adania: I honestly dont have many friends. I cut down many toxic people. Its simple, you either are with me and share the same beliefs, or you dont exist in my life. My parents are the best. I m so lucky. They know what I do and they are proud of me. They supported me from the start and that was a fantastic feeling.

Q: Do you have a special someone in your life?

Adania: Right now, no. I m at a point in my life where I m still growing, learning and healing. I need to do all of these before finding someone. I believe that its very important to love yourself first and after the right person will come.

Q: Indeed. So, what do you do in your free time?

Adania: Now, I mostly go and spend time with my parents. I love sunbathing, walking and playing with my cat. I adopted a cat a year ago and I love her enormously. Sometimes I also go out with friends, but rarely. I prefere peace and relaxation.

Q: What is your motto?

Adania: Love yourself more everyday, grow and give back.

Q: Any advices for future models?

Adania: Yes, sure. Be confident, keep a positive mindset, love yourself and be proud of who you are. Never give up on your dreams and fight for what is yours.