A petite dream, a brunette full of electricity and a real flirt. Amina Velrose is the living proof that all of your prayers have come true.

Sometimes, it’s hard to have the oomph required to enjoy moving through the day. In times of self-doubt, turning to a kind, fun person like Amina will not fail you. She’s the one who’ll take the sad out of you.

About her?

Amina is such a beautiful woman. Why beautiful? This word was chosen because Amina is so much more than a beautiful face. Beauty is just the reflection of your soul, it shows how full of love you are, and that’s what makes her so sensual. Sensuality is letting some of that inner love shine through your body. She’s so dangerous and spicy because she has a lot to offer, that’s her secret.

She’s always dreamed about meeting different cultures, she’s a people person, and maybe that’s why she loves being a model so much. For her, every interaction matters, she can be your therapist or your undercover lover, and in every instance you’ll notice that she loves the thrill of it.

Weaknesses? The ones that sin the way she loves to sin. When she meets a hopeless romantic just like her, she usually ,,falls for it”, her words, not mine! I asked her what are her weaknesses, and most of them cannot be written here, but let’s just say that her red handcuffs are waiting patiently in her room. 

Her content?

When she did her initial photoshooting, the photographer was shook. Amina told us that she wanted to show her future fans all of her sides, but a day was not enough for content shooting. 

,,When I showed the photographer my outfits, he look kind of surprised, it was just a splash of black clothes perfectly combined with the most electric nuances you can think of. Changing between sets was even funnier, because one time he thought I was another girl ” 

Amina can pull of anything, the only detail common in every pic is her mesmerizing eyes. She’s versatile because she is very well connected with her sensual, feminine energy. She is free in her wildness, so I won’t tell you more. Discover her 😉