When God created women, when He reached the voluptuous ones He added a little bit of spice, not only in their lives but in our lives too. What is more beautiful than seeing some appetising shapes, a beautiful face and an attitude that can turn you on no matter the moment. Who are we talking about? AryaFoxy – Curvylicious feelings, the woman who will become an obsession for you. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you!

Curvy and Cheeky

AryaFoxy - Curvylicious feelings

When it comes to attitude, she can drive you crazy. When it comes to seduction … she’s a real teacher. Arya can take your mind, can take you to the ninth heaven, can bring you with your feet on earth in a second. She can make you feel like the most important person but also knows how to seem unapproachable. Also, Foxy knows how to prepare hot nights for you and she knows how to make you want her, to dream her and not to be patient with a few simple words.

What could she say, you may ask. Well .. “I’ll fill the tub with water and bubbles, place a few scented candles in the bathroom, slip in and leave the door open, I know you will follow the trail of perfume and follow me in. I want you to slip in and start foaming me and kissing my forehead from time to time … I want you to caress my body and play with my … ” It’s enough! It’s just a free sample, because if you read everything AryaFoxy meant … you couldn’t concentrate until the end of the article. Stay with us!

More than a beautiful body

What is really fascinating about Arya is her mind. Sometimes it’s as if you can’t even imagine where she gets some lines. She is a bit crazy.
Everything she says has a secret meaning. Something that makes you think, that makes you always wonder what she meant. Moreover, she is a master of words, especially dirty ones. She is out of your dreams, and she knows it.

Everyone likes to have some exciting conversations. The kind that makes you can’t wait to get home and for the dream to come true. So it is with her, but every day. Imagine receiving this message: “I want you to slowly undress me and touch every inch of my skin, slowly, taking in every breath of my sweet perfume.”, And then meet her. That’s an experience!
You can talk continuously with her, she can tease your mind all day long and when the night comes .. the fun comes too.


AryaFoxy - Curvylicious feelings

When it comes to expectations, we all know that it is not good to have expectations, most of the time you will only be disappointed because they are not relevant to reality. Well, when it comes to Arya, things are different. She is an honest person, she likes it true and meaningful. AryaFoxy does not like people with false hopes, or who avoid the truth.
Everything that promises you will be true, everything that makes you imagine will be directly reality. Also, she likes teasing, but she doesn’t like deception. You can trust her, but especially you can trust the fact that with her you will spend some of the most intense days of your life.

Arya can be your bestie, but also can be that beast in the sheets, it is your choice, but her guidance. All you have to do is to get in touch with her. To try, to experiment and to enjoy those feelings. She is more than a beautiful body, she has a beautiful mind and a dirty imagination. No matter how many new stories we have, you have to try, now!