When you look at Aubrey Nova, you see a passion for work, you see a trendsetter, you see a unique style and a delicious unpredictability. Just a glance thrown her way is enough to conclude that she is another Studio20 success story.

Because we know how anxious you all are to get a piece of little miss Aubrey Nova, we sat her down for a delightful little chat which we are happy to share with you!

Q: The question on questions! The icebreaker if you will, when did you decide to take up camming and why?
A: Oh, I answered this question so many times (laughs). Last year it hit me: I NEED to challenge myself and after giving the idea of camming a lot of thought, I decided that this could be a good deal for me, and I was SO right! My search for a good, dependable Romanian cam studio led me to Studio20 and I’m happily collaborating with them ever since.

Q: Why do you suppose your collaboration with them is so good?
A: Previously, I have worked in Marketing and I know how important that is when building your brand. This experience really helps me understand where they`re coming from when they give me suggestions, suggestions, and whatnot.

Aubrey Nova - Passion for Fashion

Q: That sounds really professional of you!
A: Thank you! I try my best 🙂

Q: On a more personal note, what`s your secret live cam guilty pleasure?
A: It’s not a secret anymore but it is a pleasure :D. I love to sing and I hope that one day I will get to sing with Rihanna and other famous artists. I usually sing for my members and fans in free chat. I also love to exchange songs with my homies, as I like to call my closest members.

Q: Your “Homies”? Why homies?
A: Because we`re like a gang, like a family. For instance, If I have to go to an important industry event, I ask for their opinion on what style outfits should I choose. I completely trust their opinion because, on many occasions, things really went a lot smoother with their help.

Q: If you are as delightful to them as you are now, then no wonder they`re smitten!
A: Well, delightful was my middle name back in high school…LOL

Q: Aubrey, what makes you successful on cam? Care to share a few tips and tricks with your fellow models?
A: Sure! First thing you need to work on is building a good relationship with your members. I mean this is really important! Me and my homies are really close, just like best friends are. I am their confidant, their dream girl, their lover, and most importantly, I am THERE for them.
Spending as much as possible time online, give us more exposure and higher ranking on Live Jasmin, but also keeps you close to them.
My style and my attitude on cam go to show that I’m unique. I have a positive personality and you’ll see me laughing pretty often or even singing.

Q: I know your photoshoots are mostly scheduled after your finish work? How do you cope with the busy life of a camgirl?
A: Oh, that`s super easy! For me, each and every one of my photoshoots is like my baby. I always put passion and all my resources in my art, because when you draw a line, this is what I do and inside, I am an artist. You can easily pick that up from the colors I choose for my outfits, accessories, makeup, hair, body posture, etc.
Also, I have all these crazy photo ideas and my photographer is really challenged. I like to see all the sets and discuss my ideas and then start the actual photoshoot.

Q: What`s your stand on Social Media?
A: I love Twitter. All my members are there and I can talk to them even if I’m at my home, I’m outside with my friends or I don’t know, I’m taking a bath… It’s awesome to know that you are appreciated and my followers on Twitter show me that every day. Thank you all, guys! You all are awesome!!
But I also have a Facebook page and a personal website. HAAHAHA

Q: You talk so passionately about everything you do!
Q: Alright, now, apart from camming, what`s you`re favourite pass time?
A: Ha! A more simpler question has never been answered! I literally CANNOT live without shopping and crazy about spa, singing, candies, talking, pool parties and music! Yup! The whole package! I`m a raver, honey and that`s how I roll!

Q: You sure are! But what about sleep? Since you have such a busy schedule.
A: Sleeping may sound a bit strange but when working in the camming industry, all camgirls out there know what I’m talking about here, it’s crucial. Sometimes when I stay like 30 hours online I need a ”sleep therapy” as I like to call it, where I manage to rebuild my energy, my focus.

Q: Wonderful! You sound like lots of fun!
A: Trust me, sweetheart! I really am!

Q: To sum it up, in a few words, what`s your recipe for success?
A: Ambition, being a perfectionist, thriving for the best out there, made me successful on cam and will continue to do so for a long time!