She’s a successful top model and a studio owner, a gorgeous leggy brunette with a sharp mind and a witty sense of humor. Her open personality, good looks, and intelligence got her nominated for numerous awards, and today she accepted to give us an interview.

We’re talking about Raquelle Diva.

 – How long have you been a Studio20 model?

 RD: I’ve been here a part of the Studio20 team for 6 years and it has been an amazing journey that led to the woman that I am now.

  – How was your first online experience?

 RD: It was a little weird, it was a new experience for me and I was really shy. I didn’t know exactly what to do, how to do and what to say, but I still enjoyed it. Through time I found my style and I started being more and more responsible, and it got me to the point where I am now. Fun fact: I still have some members that were with me since my first day as a cam model and they appreciate my evolution throughout the years.

 – How did you decide to become a cam model?

  RD: I always wanted to have a better life and to be able to take care of myself and my loved ones, I decided that this job was worth a shot. I was 19, the industry was not as performant as it is now and I had no guarantee that I will be making money, but I had ambition and that helped me overcome every obstacle.

“I got more than 25k in a month”

  – What was the biggest amount of money that you earned?

  RD: I guess 29.000$. I remember having a complete shock when I checked my earnings and feeling extremely proud of that amount of money because nobody in my family ever made that kind of money and it made me happy knowing that I can spoil myself and the people who matter the most for me.

– You won the trophy for Best Live Cam Model in 2015, how did you feel when you claimed your trophy?

 RD: I have no words to describe the feeling, it was like an Oscar. It was clear proof that I managed to build a career and a better future for me and especially for my family. It gave me more courage and strength to go the extra mile in my professional life. It’s so important to set your goals right since you start this, otherwise you get lost.

  – You talk a lot about your family, how did they react when they found out about your job?

  RD: At first I was afraid to tell them, I respect and love them a lot, they raised me to be an honest and powerful person, so I finally told them after a few months of working in the camming industry. They were really shocked, but they supported me anyway and tried to look at this job from my point of view. They told me that I should do what I think is best for my future. Now they even help me manage the studio that I’ve opened. 

“Camming gave me a sense of responsibility”    

– Speaking of which, you opened a studio in Bucharest with Devious Angel, your friend, and colleague, while also being a successful and active model; How does a day in your life look like?

  RD: I’ve become more organized and responsible, for sure. I wake up in the morning, go to the studio, see how things are going, and helping with everything. That’s half of my day; the other half is going home and stream or do content on request on I still love to be online, no matter how busy I get I always stay in touch with my members. I could say that I live a very active lifestyle, that I maintain a well-balanced diet, sport, and 8 hours of sleep.

 – How did camming change your life?

  RD: I went from a regular and shy girl to the woman that I am now. My mindset changed a lot, I developed psychological abilities and a strong sense of responsibility. I felt more and more beautiful and empowered and financially stable, something that is valuable in today’s society, especially when you are a woman.

– What is the one thing that you are the proudest of for achieving in your career?

  RD: My studio that I’ve opened with Devi, for sure. It was extremely important for us to invest in a business while also doing what we love, so we opened our studio, we have an amazing team that helps us and we love helping other girls achieving their dreams too. I could say it’s the perfect combination between passion and practicality and we feel very accomplished right now.

“People are going to judge”

 – Lastly, what would you say to the girls who want to try camming but are afraid to do so?

  RD: I would say “go ahead and do it, cause people are going to judge anyway”. The best way to find out if you would be a good cam model is to try, in this industry, you can grow as a woman, discover what your goals and dreams are, and achieving them. It’s a great way to invest in yourself, a car, a house, a business, things that normally are extremely hard to obtain. So, they should just give it a shot, like I had and they can become as successful as I am!