Blair Sander has the body of a sinner, with an angelic face that’s gonna make you instantly fall for her. Her curves are so dangerous, you might have to get prepared for the ride of your life.

Baddie Attitude

When entering Blair’s room, you’ll first notice her hypnotizing moves, her bambi eyes and her flawless curves, but don’t get fooled! Her personality is the most captivating thing about her. 

She is always good-humored and easy going. It’s very easy to get on her good side because she has a cheerful and caring nature, she can be your confidant, or your undercover lover. You’ll make a whole movie with her at every interaction, because the main character vibes she brings are simply unmatched.

the twerking queen

She’s a bit of an adrenaline junkie, in the sense that she loves powerful sensations. She loves taking risks and living freely. Maybe that’s why you can always be yourself around her. No need for hiding when sinners gather.

Brightening up everyone’s day, you can imagine she’s the life of the party. Everywhere she goes, she’s got all eyes on her. Maybe because of that dangerous twerking tehnique…She told us that her friends call her ,, The Twerking Queen “.

Her content? Careful! Spicy!!

A Blair kind of show will be everything you expected from ,,The Twerking Queen”. Her curves will jiggle your way to another universe, leaving you wondering how the time passed. Even when she’s sweet and cute, she’s still tempting. What should you do? Just feel lucky that we’ve introduced you to Queen Peachy, and follow her!