We heard a lot that blondes do it better, but when it comes to Blanche … she is the best. A tempting body, a voice that can make you tremble, a laugh that can make you fall in love easily and a look that will spice up your days .. or nights! BlancheSummer – A provocative look. She has a special look, you don’t meet a woman like her every day. She has something of every kind of woman you could like. She has the face of a star ( you decide what kind because just to know, your guess it’s right:) ), a body like the hottest Colombian, the legs of a European model, and her mind. Well, her mind combines even more things. She can be pretty, she can be mean. Blanche can be intense, but she can also give you a casual night. She can give you the wettest nights, she can give you the brightest days.

BlancheSummer - A provocative look

Your future addiction

A well-packed desire, a tempting way of being and a body like outta your wettest dreams. It’s the way she smiles, the way she’s flirting and the way she’s moving. Everything she does feels provocative. It’s like you’re in a trance, and you still haven’t heard her words.

Do you know the moment when you start smoking? You don’t know at first what to say about this. It may seem like an unhealthy habit, you may have second thoughts about it. The reality is that once the nicotine is in your blood, the escape is very hard, but only if you want it. Well, the same is with Blanche. You enter her room first innocently, not knowing if it’s okay or not what you’re doing, and then you see her show. From there you are simply amazed. You didn’t think you could see something like that, you didn’t know that everything you see there could be done. All you realize is that you will be with her every day.

A Real Obsession

Obsession is a passion with direction and focus. She has direction, you need just to focus. Blanche knows how to direct you so that you have the most intense experiences in your life. You know the kind of time you sweat, you breathe pretty hard, and you think, “How did I get here? It was legendary.” Exactly, that’s the kind of feeling she gives you.

You are in control, but still, your actions are controlled by her. You are attracted, but still, you ask for what you want to see. A contradiction. A game. A confrontation from which you both have something to gain. Something intense, something that you can’t describe. BlancheSummer can be your muse, but she also can be the one that will leave you speechless. About her show? An experience you need. About her way of being? Something you’ve always dreamed of.

From this point, words are meaningless. You have to experiment, to feel, to try and of course, to thank us for presenting her. You’re more than welcome!