We know that talking about sex with your woman can be a total nightmare, it may kick anxiety, right? Believe me, you are not alone! Many men are struggling with this stuff and the whole “man up and don’t talk about it” mentality makes things worse. But don’t feel sad! Today, we’re opening the bedroom door and approaching the avoided topic of talking to your partner about your sexual woes. So, grab a glass of something bubbly , and let’s talk about the often tricky subject of sex and communication with our guests today, Blanche Summer, Valencia Mora and Hailey Madow ! Here are some tips and tricks from us to spicy your sex life

Starts talking about sex early in the relationship

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It’s very important not to delay the moment of discussion and start talking about sex even before you do it. Don’t be ashamed to open up to your partner and start the discussion from the first week of the relationship. The longer you wait, the harder it will be. You can start with lighter conversations, talk about your fantasies, how you feel in certain circumstances, what you have experienced so far and what places, positions you prefer. If you choose to talk about it from the beginning of the relationship, it will help to increase your partner’s confidence and your communication will be open, so the chances of a well constructed sexual encounter are much higher.

It’s all about timing

There is no rule but ideally you should talk about sex before and after not during the moment, it’s very strange to find yourself during sex to tell your complaints, isn’t it?
Wait a few moments after it’s over and open the conversation with a simple question “How was it?” “Did you like it?” “What would you like to do next time?” “Which moment did you enjoy the most?”. After that the conversation can go further and ask about details. Try not to put your partner in an awkward situation and in the middle of the act start asking for details to get her out of the mental movie.

Let’s see what Blanche Summer has to say

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LivecamsNews: Hey Blanche! Thanks for joining us on LivecamsNews today, We’ve missed you Blanche.. how have you been?

Blanche Summer: Darlings, it’s my pleasure! I’m always happy to chat about a little mischief with you guys!

LivecamsNews: Well, Blanche, we all know you’re a firecracker when it comes to romance. But what about those times when things get a little…unspicy? How do you recommend our viewers talk to their partners about sexual issues?

Blanche: Now honey, the key is communication, communication, communication! You can’t expect your partner to be a mind reader, can you?

LivecamsNews: Absolutely true! Can you tell us, what’s the best approach to this tricky conversation? When should we start it?

BlancheSummer: First things first.. Pick a time when the mood is right, no spilling the beans during a fight, or worse, right before bed! Find a cozy corner, maybe with a little glass of wine , and then dive in..

LivecamsNews: During a wine , interesting choice.. But what about the actual talking part? How should we avoid pointing fingers and hurting feelings?

Blanche Summer: Instead of screeching “You never wanna get busy!”, focus on how things make youfeel.. “Honey, I miss those hot summer nights we used to have…” sets a much better tone, wouldn’t you say?

LivecamsNews: Absolutely! And what about being specific? How can viewers explain exactly what they’re looking for?

Blanche Summer: Don’t be cryptic, darlings! If you crave for more cuddles just say it! If you have a particular fantasy you’ve been dying to explore, blurt it out! A healthy sex life is all about open communication, and a little bit of adventure never hurt anyone!

LivecamsNews: That’s fantastic advice, Blanche! But what if your partner isn’t exactly forthcoming?

Blanche: Sometimes, there might be deeper issues at play.. Things often can be negatively impacted by stress, health issues, and even past trauma.. Be open to exploring those together. If you have trouble opening up to your partner, a couples therapist can work wonders! And if that doesn’t work either, you should make me a visit and we can have a talk about it! I could call myself a sex therapist after all my experience over years of practice camming.

LivecamsNews: Absolutely! Some viewers might be worried that talking about sex could ruin spontaneity, is that right?

Blanche Summer: Darlings, a little planning can actually enhance the spontaneity! Once you’ve openly discussed your desires, a surprise date or a naughty role playing session can be even more thrilling! Trust me, a little forethought goes a long way in the bedroom.

Livecamsnews: Spot on, Blanche! And what about being specific? How can viewers articulate exactly what they’re looking for without being too forward?

BlancheSummer: Don’t be afraid to express your desires, “Do you crave more foreplay?”, “Is there a specific kink you’ve been curious about?”.. communication is key, but a little mystery never hurt anyone either! Maybe tease a little something to keep your partner on their toes.. that’s what I do.​

LivecamsNews: Absolutely! We’ve covered a lot about navigating these sometimes awkward conversations, but, let’s be honest, even the best communication can’t solve everything. Would you like to tell the couples how to maintain a healthy and fulfilling sex life even when things inevitably hit a bump in the road?

Blanche Summer: Even the smoothest talkers hit bumps! Relationships are like fires, you have to keep the flames going! Surprise each other, whisper something naughty in the elevator, light some candles .. keep that desire burning! Blindfold yourselves, try new positions, spice it up a little from time to time! And don’t forget cuddles, massages, all that touchy feely stuff. Celebrate each other every day and a simple “thanks” works wonders. Sex is a journey, not a destination, so relax.. keep talking, and that spark will keep burning!

Livecamsnews: Thanks for joining us today, this has been a pleasure.

Blanche Summer: Thanks for having me, darlings! Remember, a little honesty goes a long way in the bedroom! Stay playful!

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Say exactly how you feel and don’t try to put it off until next time

If you didn’t like something in particular try to say it as nicely as possible from the start. For example if you have a girlfriend who is too spontaneous and you are the romantic type who has to plan ahead and visualize the moment say so or try to take the initiative. There are many men who become inhibited by their partners if they are too spontaneous and fail to control the moment as they would like. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s how you are built and there are many men like you! If your girlfriend is fond of escapades in nature, public places, cars etc you can take the initiative before her. If you know she likes nature, go on a picnic together and initiate all the action yourself, that way you’ll get rid of that surprising moment and your anxiety will go down slightly as well as the shame of being seen by someone. We’ve all experienced it to find our hot moments in the wrong places and then because of the embarrassment of not having an erection or postpone the moment for home. Take charge, be a man!

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We’re unlocking some memories with Hailey Madow

LivecamsNews: Hi Hailey! How nice to have you back with us! How have you been? How are you? You look gorgeous!

HaileyMadow: I’m super, I feel amazing, you guys?

LivecamsNews: We feel the same way every time we have you around! We all know that you are a very spontaneous person in everything you do but have you ever experienced being sexually surprised by a boy?

Hailey Madow: Oh, you’re making me blush now! Of course I have, there have been several beautiful encounters! I had an ex boyfriend who was very “playful” and picked the nicest places to get “lost together”.

LivecamsNews: Where was the most beautiful place where you made love?

Hailey Madow: On a block roof in the evening under the canopy of stars, hihi.

LivecamsNews: Wow, that boy really knew how to pick a cool spot! And who came up with the initiative? You or him?

Hailey Madow: Him of course! He told me to take the elevator up to him on the 8th floor because he forgot something at home but he pressed the 10th floor. He had taken the key to the staircase leading up the block and there waiting for me was a bottle of champagne, 2 glasses and a blanket. It was like a romantic Hollywood movie! And now I remember how hard I tried not to scream with pleasure so the whole neighborhood wouldn’t hear us.

LivecamsNews: You mean it’s good for a spontaneous girl for the boy to take the initiative once in a while?

Hailey Madow: It’s perfect, it saves me work too! Even though most of the time I initiate sex, I love to be surprised in return, after all that’s the role of a confident and strong man.

LivecamsNews: You’re absolutely right! Are there any more good memories and places you want to talk about?

Hailey Madow: I have a story in the elevator! Oh, I’m so embarrassed! I had just turned 18 and I was ready to start my sex life but I didn’t know much about it. I was with a guy in the elevator and we had just started talking for a few days. I was going to his house but his parents were staying with him and we couldn’t do much so somewhere on the second floor of the block he blocked the elevator and started kissing me passionately. What do you think? Quickly the whole action escalated and we ended up almost naked together. Our moment was interrupted because there must have been a lot of noise from the elevator and the residents started banging on the elevator door to unlock it. I remember the look on their faces when I got off the elevator and my hair how it was all over the place, hihi!

LivecamsNews: Ha ha ha! We imagine there were some incendiary moments there! As a conclusion, it’s good for a boy to take the initiative once in a while? Is it making you uncomfortable when that happens?

Hailey Madow: Not at all, clearly if I’m the kind of girl who likes to be in control, I love being controlled in turn. It’s so much more exciting when a man is in control, we as women are designed to submit and we get bored quickly if I’m in control all the time, am I right?

LivecamsNews: You’re absolutely right Hailey! Thanks so much for joining us here! We look forward to seeing you next time with more great memories to share with us!

Hailey Madow: I thank you for the invitation and wish you all the best! As advice for men, be more bold, women are only scared of overly caring men who have no initiative at all!

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Never try to criticize, this can inhibit your partner

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When you have something to criticize try to use the word “I” and not use the word “you”. Example: “I feel uncomfortable when you do this..” rather than “You make me uncomfortable when we do this…”. Focus on the positive and say more of what you like “I’m not sure if I like that to much but we should try something like..” rather than “Don’t do this anymore”. There is no shame in telling your partner what makes you feel good, quite the opposite. You make her invest more time in your pleasures but don’t forget to ask her what she likes best so you know where to put the emphasis.

Take things one step at a time

We all want to solve all the problems first, don’t we? But that’s not the right way to do it, try to take it one problem at a time! Don’t bombard your partner with all the problems right away as it will look like you are totally unsatisfied with her. Even if you try to be direct and tell her how you feel, coming up with a lot of problems all at once can sound negative and she is unlikely to take all your problems on board at once if they come as a wave of reprimands. As a tip, imagine your problems as a sum of 100% and in each conversation you choose to share only 10% of them at a much slower pace than you would in a normal conversation.

Do you want your partner to change?

Give her the time and space to make the change! Nobody changed overnight and became the version you want in a heartbeat. Always point out the things you liked after each match and remember that repetition is the mother of learning. Don’t put pressure on your partner as you risk inhibiting her further and making her feel awkward in your presence. For a woman to have an orgasm she needs to feel safe in your presence, she should not be ashamed of anything or feel pressured into anything.

Sometimes if you listen more than you talk you have more to gain

Try to open up the conversation with questions but not too much so that you don’t appear to be under interrogation. You’ll have the advantage of knowing exactly what your partner likes and it’s also the ideal time to add what you like. Imagine a conversation that starts with “And what moment tonight did you like best? I liked it when you did that…”. That way your partner will find it much easier to open up once she finds out from you what you liked best, she won’t be ashamed to express herself. It’s best to be empathetic with your girlfriend and understand that everyone has sexual problems and a past that needs to be discovered. Maybe she is doing some things that seem normal to her because they were normal in her former relationship and now they are not in your relationship. You need to actively listen to her and summarize to make sure you understand exactly what she wants. Repeat what you understand! Often we don’t understand exactly what our partner means and try to take the words as such but they may have meant something else. Repeat back what you understood and make sure that what she said is what you thought or understood.

Man listens to his woman as they talk about their sexual relationship

About toxic relationships with Valencia Mora

Valencia Mora sitting on a bed posing in lingerie

LivecamsNews: Hello Valencia! We are glad to have you with us on this day! How are you? How are you?

ValenciaMora: Thank you so much for the invitation! I’m very well, I feel great. I’ve been out of a toxic relationship for a year and now I’m enjoying the freedom and time to grow on all levels.

LivecamsNews: Toxic relationship? Have you been with a man who reproached you for things?

Valencia Mora: Yes, with a manipulative man who made me feel very unhappy! You know how some men are nowadays… full of themselves, narcissistic, they only think about their own well being. It’s very hard to stay with such a man in a relationship.

LivecamsNews: Unfortunately we know a lot of men like that, it’s like a small trend that is growing. For them it’s “cool” to be misogynistic, we don’t understand what’s in their heads either. Has he ever reproached you for anything related to your sex life?

Valencia Mora: Many, many times! He made me feel like it was all my fault that he couldn’t get an erection properly when the fault was totally his. He didn’t know how to communicate normally with me and I never knew exactly what was bothering him.

LivecamsNews: We know exactly what you’re talking about! Suppose you hear quite often the phrases “It’s your faunt..” “You don’t know how to…” “You must…”, right?

Valencia Mora: I can hear him now! Yes, very often! He never wanted to talk about what I could improve and always blamed me for his poor erection. It was also very frustrating for me to try and guess what he wanted and what he liked. It was a very unpleasant experience and I hope I never meet a man like that again.

LivecamsNews: Wasn’t it easier to just tell you exactly what he wants and try to work it out?

Valencia Mora: Now I know how to approach the problem, I didn’t know then! Since entering the industry I have learned a lot about men. I know how to communicate and how to open a conversation about sex. It has helped me a lot in this industry and has transformed me on all levels. It was a life lesson that took a turn and now I am helping men who are in toxic relationships.

LivecamsNews: We’re so glad to hear that! After all, you can say that you’ve become something of a sexologist after this experience, right?

Valencia Mora: Sexologist, psychologist, friend, buddy, lover of all… I know how to communicate much more effectively with a man and identify from the start what his sexual problems are. I have invested a lot of time in my personal development and I am not ashamed to say that I have also received a lot of help from experts in the industry.

LivecamsNews: It’s very easy to identify a toxic man now, isn’t it?

Valencia Mora: Easier than ever, but I don’t necessarily run away from them. Now I understand them and solve their problems. A lot of these men don’t know they have a problem and they feel that nobody understands them. I now understand all their thought mechanisms and know exactly how to open them up to heal their wounds.

LivecamsNews: Wow, here’s a happy case and a fantastic evolution after a toxic relationship! You are wonderful Valencia, a very strong woman. It matters to talk openly with your partner and tell them exactly how you feel doesn’t it?

Valencia Mora: It’s essential to do that! Without open communication you can’t build anything, it’s almost impossible to have a happy relationship. No one is born self-aware and cannot read minds so expressing your feelings to each other is crucial in a healthy relationship. Am I right?

LivecamsNews: You are absolutely right Valencia! You are wonderful and thank you so much for repeating the same things we all say… communication is the key to a dream relationship.

Valencia Mora: Without this key you don’t open anything! You’re spinning around in the void without evolving at all.

LivecamsNews: Thank you so much for talking to us and being honest and vulnerable to us! Thank you so much for your time and we hope to see you again as soon as possible

Valencia Mora: The pleasure was all mine and I can’t wait to tell you more about my last dream year that I had. Sweet kisses!

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So, in conclusion, you can see how important communication is! Without it, you cannot build anything in your relationship and your partner will never know exactly what you want. Slowly start to open up to her, leave your shame aside, and become those strong men that women are attracted to. If you liked our article know that there are others on our site to open up new horizons and become a better version of yourself!

Remember to visit us from time to time and keep up to date with the latest additions to our site. If you have a similar story or want to add something you can do so in the comments section below! We wish you a day full of love and communication, all the best!