Hello, Diane Deziree and thanks for participating in this interview. Tell us a bit about yourself. For instance, how long have you been webcamming? 

Hello and thanks for this opportunity. Well, my webcamming career started pretty recently basically out of curiosity and now developed into something more than just a job. It’s a pleasure to connect with all sort of people around the world. 

How did your family and friends feel about your decision to become a cam model? 

I was blessed with an amazing family. They support every decision I make as long as I am happy. I’m glad to say that my family never feared to talk about taboo topics such as sex or stuff like this. As you can see, my body is covered with tattoos. Regarding my friends, they would never judge anything I do.

Diane, you have an amazing body. What do you do to stay in such great shape?

You make me blush but, thank you! Working in this industry makes you more aware of your body and your health. I try to go to the gym a couple of times a week. Also, I make sure to hydrate myself while logged in. Ladies, always get a positive mind.

Is there anyone special in your life?

Yes, there is. My baby cat called Papi and of course, my fans.

Diane, can you tell us about your website?

I would love to! For those reading this, you must know that I have an amazing website where I love to keep in touch with my fans. I always think of new things to post, because I want people to know how much I love feeling close to them. The website is dianedeziree.com

It’s not a secret that you are one of the #girlsfromStudio20. Tell us, what is it like being a part of such an amazing team?

Studio20 is where I discovered and developed myself as a woman. I’ve found girls that now are my best friends and I’ve found a team, my team. They always do everything they can to help us out with everything we need, and they are true professionals. I am more than happy that I was lucky enough to make this choice.

What cam site do you broadcast?

My personality and my style made a perfect choice for Live Jasmin, so it was pretty easy for me. I feel like this is a site where you can actually be your true self. The way the platform works and the type of people I’ve met on there made me feel confident about the fact that I made the best choice.

What is a typical day on cam like for you?

Well, I always start my day in a good mood, so it usually keeps going in that direction I guess. I spend my time laughing, talking, learning new stuff and meeting new people…not too bad, right?

What do you do for fun when you are not camming?

I’m not your typically shy girl. I enjoy adrenaline and sports. I adore outdoor activities and I love to travel. I also spend my time with my friends and family, either going out for a coffee, party or movie. Just like any other youngster.

What are your goals as a cam model?

I love to live in the moment and I love the new me and my new style. It’s more badass, more seductive, more provocative. Therefore, I’ll just see where things go while I’ll have fun.

What is the kinkiest request you have ever received from a fan?

For some people may mean kinky while for others may mean pleasure, normal arousal. Moreover, I understand why these people come here, and what are their deep-rooted desires. So I would say I don’t see their requests as something out of the ordinary. Just normal people enjoying the things they like.

What is your favorite aphrodisiac?

A men’s sexy perfume.

If you had to spend a week alone on a desert island what 3 things would you bring with you?

Just three? OMG this is a tricky question. I would take my cat, Papi, sun lotion and food.

How do you deal with cyberbullies?

I just get the fact that bullies are actually sad and lonely inside. No happy man ever tried to bring another man down, so I just let them be. They don’t bother me at all.

Do you have a no list? Nope.

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