An inimitable blend between the ‘90s soccer mom, a tart bimbo and dark academia aesthetics, we can all consider that KeiraWylds is a glistening gemstone in the shallow ocean we call camming industry. With a skyrocketing career, she has assiduously been nourishing as if it was her baby. Her iconic brunette Barbie demeanour effortlessly weaves together comedic chops – not to mention that she brings taboo content ideas into the mainstream with her groundbreaking live streaming approaches.  

While tide pools dance to the moonlight in her sea nymph aura, one would consider being happily shipwrecked by her stormy spirit a source of pride. Why? Because Keira has the inborn talent of bringing everything she does to an overweening adulation level – and in this case, her shows are at the top of this monarchical hierarchy. Kudos to her for having the superpower of maintaining the will to outdo herself thirsty, especially in an industry where models get cold feet from one day to the next. 

Hello, 911? KeiraWylds Is In The Building

A year ago, before she became Keira Wylds, the girl with signature pitch-black hair and emerald-like eyes was juggling between office jobs, wondering why she doesn’t feel professionally fulfilled. Not long after, she started a pursuit of happiness, longing for finally finding her own place in this vast and bloodcurdling world.

With nothing but a modest suitcase and a penchant for success, Keira embarked on what seems to be by now the adventure of her lifetime. Moving to another – only marginally warmer, but crucially less provincial – to start camming, the dedicated brunette began to rarify the stratosphere of notoriety only occupied by the thundering names of the business. 


She describes her camming kick-off as an “unlikely fluke” since the cam girl never imagined that her online presence will last more than a few months. “But I bloomed when I expected less,” Keira says. “I was everything that cam models weren’t – in the bad sense of it. To say I was shy is an understatement, it was difficult for me to share my intimacy with a crowd,” she giggles.

From Glimmer to Gleam

Somewhere wary and excited, the brunetted babe started her journey into the camming world with nothing but a pair of gleaming eyes and appetite for creating connections. Of course, not everything was milk and honey in the beginning. In the digital firmament, where countless webcam models flicker and fade, Keira emerged as the personified version of a sunbeam.

Despite the ups and downs in her personal life, the brunette cam model showcased something that most webcam girls lack – the ability to move forward despite everything. Not only that she pushed her private affairs to the side in favour of her online persona, but she also became the kindle light for many members’ gloom.

I never thought that I have what it takes to be succesful,” KeiraWylds remembers. And maybe this lack of self-confidence is what separates luck from succes. Because she felt like there was a lot of room for improvement, the stunning webcam model spend her weekends working extra hours, forging connections,

Fast forward to today, even a blind man could notice how Keira is basking in the limelight of solar stardom, flourishing with a brightly coloured grace. With a focus on context and dialogue-rich scenes made all the more picturesque by charismatic acting and a stockpile of unforgettable outfits, Wylds seeks mastery of the craft (and the occasional submissive) in her multifaceted endeavours.

The Person Behind The Persona

In our adventure of discovering what is hiding behind the persona she created, LiveCamsNews tried to dig a little bit in her experience of being a cam girl, so we asked Keira in an interview what was, until now, the most interesting experience she had on cam, but also the experience that made her think that she’s not made for this job.

“I will start for sure with the most interesting experience by remembering the first member that fell in love with me and the one who made me WHO I am today on cam,” she said it with a smile on her face that can make you feel that she was a bit vulnerable for that situation.

Of course that her reaction would make everyone more curious about that situation so here’s the long story short.

“I met this guy in my first month of camming, he entered my room in a bit… intrusive way, I would say – directly to my Exclusive room, opened his webcam and I saw a curly hair guy that was looking a lot like Johnny Depp. And when I say a lot, I’m assuming that even his voice was pretty similar,” another smile on her face, a nostalgic one this time, not the happiest that you could see.

“He was dancing, enjoying himself with his favourite music and I didn’t feel that he was expecting something from me in that moment, so I started to dance too on that song.”

Love at First Cam2Cam

In that moment, it felt like KeiraWylds was ready to open a box of memories that she didn’t touch for a long time, so the persona started to become a bit transparent making all of us to starve for the whole story.

“So… we danced, admired each other, didn’t talk too much until the song ended, and after that he told me that his name is Benjamin and that he hopes that I like jammin’ too. I laughed, told him my name and out of nowhere he dropped a huge tip and just disappeared.”

For a new model, of course this is an overwhelming experience, her first big tip, a nice experience but a lot of mistery around this guy named Benjamin, so for sure it was the most interesting experience of her by that moment. But the next question was if there was a situation or an experience that made her think that she should stop and she confirmed that the same situation, with the same guy we were talking about made her feel that way too.


“For a month I kept sending him messages, from time to time inviting him to my room, asking how his day has been, but no answer. After a month, I saw him again, exactly the same and he came to tell me that he couldn’t stop thinking about me, that he felt something way too strong when he saw me that day and if I don’t mind, he will be around for a while.”

In this situation, what could go wrong might be the first curiosity that hits your mind and she continued by saying:
I had him in my room for two months, always supporting me with big tips, never jealous, never asking for more or less, just enjoying the time around me, until one day when he came and he told me: If I’m not in your room, find me in your dreams.

When Love and Camming Mix Together

Q: Wow, what a mysterious with a pinch of “what is going on here?” message, right?

A: “That was the last time when I saw him in my room, kept him in mind but at the same time, thinking that he just found another model to spend his time with. Until one day when a girl came in my room, I was online and she asked me if I knew this guy named Benjamin, I said yes and she said that there’s something that maybe I should know. That guy lost his life in a car accident 2 months ago, and this girl that came in my room, his sister found some very nice poetry he wrote about me in his phone notes.”

Q: What was your reaction?

A: “I was shocked, who wouldn’t be. Even if you don’t know a person, even if we were talking while I was working, he was a guy that I enjoyed spending my shifts with, so as an empath I can recognize that a little tear appeared too. So yes, that was a moment when I thought that maybe it’s too much for me this job”.

Q: But you’re still here and it means that it was just a thought, as I see.

A: “I realized fast that I should continue because this job could bring me experiences I never had, so about that guy, I decided to have a hidden tattoo with the message “find me in your dreams”, marking with it the beginning of a new life and a new way of thinking.”

Keira’s Lustful Way to Cam

Governed by primal lust and sumptuous glam, Keira Wylds swiftly shifts from a cam model to a wild huntress when ambition starts running through their veins. And that, to be honest with you, doesn’t happen 24/7 – but when it does, it feels like she is doing it non-stop.

For the girl who always chooses the sinners over the saints and who doesn’t judge, but at the same time isn’t afraid to say “fuck off” if you piss her off, the path has been already paved – by herself, not someone else. By her insatiable and burning passion for this industry. By her ability to absorb information, as well as trends like a sponge. By her jaw-dropping ambition. And something tells us those are not going to burn out anytime soon.