Kelssie Piper – She’s not one you want to mess with, she’s one you’ll want to play with. Kelssie already established herself as one of the Top Models of Flirt4Free and is a girl with great talents when it comes to seduction. One of the sweetest personalities on the camming business right now, she will make you want to spend all day with her getting to know each and every detail from her daily life.

Smile of an angel – Yes, you’ve heard that right, she is angelic with her smile and you’ll never forget the first time you meet her. She has an amazing energy that draws you in like a magnet. She’s flirty without even trying and that’s part of her amazing charm, something that not many models can pull off easily. The equilibrium between a party girl and a professional model combines to create this amazing presence.

She has tattoos, and not just one. They are colorful, vibrant, something that matches her personality very well. You wouldn’t even know they’re there if you didn’t pay a closer look, because they compliment her body rather than being something that attracts your attention when you look at her. Let’s put it this way: You will have to give her your full attention to not miss any detail about her once you enter her room. And you will love every second of it, I guarantee.

Kelssie loves to travel and party. She’s on her element when she has fun, and she does that whenever she’s on camera, given it be in her room or in another place that you might find her streaming for her members and fans. The love for fun is fueled by the model life as well, since she won a place in the Flirt4Free Summit in Thailand, where she will party for 4 nights straight along with the top models of the platform.

Kelssie is a model that started this job inside a studio, because she had no experience of what camming entailed, so when she talks about success she talks about the team. She works with her team of studio trainers to approach all the aspects of the job and she is very curious about particular things such as fetishes and including interesting sex toys and accessories in her erotic show so as to give her adoring members the greatest experience. She understands that this is ultimately a performance on her part and every single detail that appears on the screen contributes in some way to the whole production and she leaves nothing to chance.

Something that you need to learn about her is that she’s definitely one to watch out for in this industry. She has success and after a start like this, it’s hard not to see how far she will go and what heights her career will reach in the following years.