Let’s talk a little about a new model that caught our attention in the last few weeks. She’s stunning, she’s tall and she’s got legs for days! We’re talking about Kery Raven, a sweet innocent face with a body that looks like a model from Vogue, but with a little bit more going on for her.

She has the smile of an angel but the attitude of a devil – Yes, you’ve heard that right, she is angelic with her smile and you’ll never forget the first time you meet her because her personality won’t let you. She has an amazing energy that draws you in like a magnet. She’s flirty without even trying and that’s part of her amazing charm, something that not many models can pull off easily. The equilibrium between a party girl and a professional model combines to create this amazing presence.

Kery is a sucker for parties and she also loves traveling in her free time. She’s in her element when she has fun, and she does that whenever she’s on camera, whether it be in her room or in another place where you might find her streaming for her members and fans. The love for fun is fueled by the model life as well, because her studio encourages her to go on vacations, and empowers her to make memories now, not later when she’ll be older.

Her journey with camming started as an independent model, but without the proper guidance she wasn’t at the top of her game so after some months she joined a studio. She said that this is the place where her career kickstarted and she gives credit to the team that helped her gain confidence in herself. She said that her trainers are the key to her success and that only through their insights and consistent guidance she reached her true potential on cam. We’re happy to hear this and it’s nice to know that there are some serious studios out there that commit to their models and work for their future.

Kerry also learned from her team that this job is ultimately a performance on her part and every single detail that appears on the screen contributes in some way to the whole production and she leaves nothing to chance. That’s why she’s constantly learning all the aspects about camming, sex toys, teasing and how to please her members better.

And to conclude this tale about Kery Raven, all we have to say is that you should keep a close eye on her on Stripchat! She has some amazing shows and she will definitely make you aroused without even trying. We have a feeling that we will hear more amazing stories about her in the following years because she’s not one to forget fast.