Redheads are wild, brunettes are true, but you never know what a blonde will do. We all know that the rest of the girls are noticed, but blondes are never forgotten. That being said … she is MayaGrento and her eyes will drive you crazy.

Some might say it’s the way she speaks, others that the badass way she looks, and others might say about her voice that can awaken your deepest fantasies. What is the truth? Stay with us, or with her 🙂

A blonde desire

The words may be subjective and the approach may be different, but we think it would be best to see exactly what Maya says about her. Curious enough?

Personally, I don’t just like, I love it. I don’t just eat, I devour. Moreover, I don’t just move, I dance. When I get mad, I don’t just dislike, I detest. Also, I don’t just look, I observe. I don’t just hear, I listen. There are times when I’m not happy, but then I don’t just cry, I sob. I don’t just try, I do. Oh, and when I got there … I don’t just yell, I scream”. So that being said … we can say about Maya Grento that she is a sincere, sweet, but also dangerous person. She loves with all her soul, she makes you happy with her whole body, but you wouldn’t want to upset her and put her mind to the contribution.

It makes you want her, you just want her. Thoughts about her can haunt you. She’s so cute but … be careful. You know the whole “bad cat”. And she will scratch you bad ( or your back ) , but I don’t think that would be a problem for you.

eyes will drive you

MayaGrento makes you love her. She puts you in a trance. For you, there will be her and only her. She always has her words ready, she knows exactly what you like and what she likes. Maya Grento may look like a college babe, but her mind … her mind is experienced. She makes you feel strong, but she can return it to you immediately.

Also, she makes you feel in control of the situation, but as long as she wants you to be. It’s always like a challenge. When you think everything is going in a straight line, she takes a curve (and she got some good curves too). She is a sinner.

A sinner trapped in an angel’s body, and that’s the worst. These may seem like words in the wind, but you will be convinced. You will enter her room, and you will have no way out. You will be absorbed in the way she behaves, the way she thinks and the way she looks. It’s like a habit. Like that cigar when you’re sad. Ava can be said to be all you need and more. Take care!

How is her content?

Coming to this chapter, everything is diverse. You can’t find a word that shows exactly her style apart from versatility. She can do a roleplay, she can do a tease. Mrs Grento can dress up in your deepest fantasy. She may look innocent, she may look like that femme fatale.

The moment you get to talk to her. To see how she understands your deepest fantasies, how she knows exactly what you want to hear, how she can drive you crazy. It’s the way she is speaking. The way her voice caresses your ear (P.S: You should hear her moan too), the tone of her voice, the way she moves her lips, the way her mouth looks.

Maya is an experience. The kind of experience you need. A different character. A different way of thinking, flirting and making you think only of her. You should already be on her page. She is the sweetest desire.